Chapter 29

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It was fajr time when I woke up. I quickly got up but cursed under my breath. Damn!! I've got a bad back ache. I just hope it eases fast!! Sighing...I stood up with the support of the bed and went to the washroom to get ready.

After getting ready I came out to find him talking over the phone in a hush voice. He never saw me. Thinking he must be talking to someone I walked towards the dresser to pin my hijab.

"I also didn't wanted to come..but you know I can't say no" he said.

Now this caught my attention.."Of course I love you and will always do..and I'm not interested in her at all" he said.
I know tell me something mind was screaming.

"Baby..I've not come here for my honeymoon and that to with why would I do all romantic stuffs with her??" He said.
As if I'm dying to do?? I rolled my eyes at this.

"Yes yes I know my limits and I know that the woman who is here with me is not you but my I'll definitely will keep distance from her" he said assuring her.
Is that girl out of her mind?? How can she think that I'll allow him to come close to me..part of me is jumping from this thought only but other part of me is glaring at him.

I didn't knew I was looking at him when he ended the call and our gaze locked. In that stare all I could see was him insulting me. I quickly turned my gaze and walked towards the bedroom door. "Now if you've woken up then please's time" I said and walked out.

By the time I reached stairs to go down to the prayer pain was increasing. I managed to go down and went inside to find mom and Aamna there. I greeted them and they both greeted back and then we quickly started praying.

After praying, the increasing pain took my breath away to stand. I shouldn't have slept on the ground..then where would you have slept?? With him??my mind asked. No..not at all...I hate him!!

"Beta are you okay?? You look like you're in pain??" Mom asked caressing my head.

Oh mom!! How I wish to tell you that your son is giving me pain..."no mom, I'm perfectly fine it's just my back is kind of sore due to traveling an all. I'll be big issues!!" I told her smiling.

Then we all proceeded towards the kitchen. Mom decided to make Aloo parathas for the breakfast. So I started boiling the potatoes while Mom started with the dough and Aamna decided to make juice.

No doubt there are maids for every specialized work in the house..but mom loves to she does all the cooking. "Mahira beta I hope you like your maid in New York?? I have met her..when I was there once..she's a very nice lady." Mom asked suddenly.

My heart stopped beating literally.."yes mom she's a very nice lady.." I lied to her.
She smiled. "So bhabhi tell me.. up til now you must have gone out a gazillion times with bhai??"Aamna asked. "Yeah..whenever he gets time he takes me out" I lied again.

"Good morning everyone" Arhaan said as he entered the kitchen.

"Good morning come you're up so early and that too during your vacation??" Aamna asked.

"I had to get up just because of your annoying shrill voice that can be easily heard in my bedroom" he replied.

"Yeah right!!" Aamna said sarcastically.

"So what do we have for breakfast??" He asked me.

"Aloo paratha" I replied in a monotone.
He just nodded and went outside.

After an hour so we were done with the cooking. Aamna quickly went out to set the dining table while I and mom did last minute things. After finishing everything the maids took everything and we both went and sat with everyone. I had to sit beside him.

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