Chapter 23

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It was continuously raining from fajr. I just love rain so very much. I wish Sani was here then we could have wet ourselves which we always used to do. But I was stuck here and she was there!! Right now I was making coffee for my arrogant husband. I hope it just wouldn't be awkward after our cold fight yesterday.

"Mahira" he came down and called me.

"Yes" I said as I concentrated more in my coffee making. Don't want to see his face!!

"Be ready by eight in the evening you are coming with me to my friend's party" he ordered.

"Why do I have to accompany you?? I thought that I'm your Maid??" I said as I raised my voice a bit.

"Dare you raise your voice" he shouted. I flinched back. "You don't have to ask me any questions I want you to accompany me so that's final. And by eight I want you outside the main gate..I wont tolerate if you're late"

I was staring at him. What the hell is wrong with him!! He quickly took his cup of coffee and went towards the dining table.

It was already noon and I still haven't completed my work. God! Arhaan has made a mess of his room. All the things were lying every where in the room. It took me almost two hours to clean his room. After cleaning I went to take a bath.

After praying zuhr prayer I heard my cell ringing. I checked the id and yup it was Sani. "Assalamualaikum" I said.

"Walekumasalam my dear bff" she chirped happily.

"My my what's the reason behind your happiness Sani???" Have you got someone in your life?? Look I'm telling you its haram and" I was saying but Sani interrupted me.

"Geez Mahira breathe...first of all I'm totally not into dating thing and second I may come to New York" she was now literally shouting as she spoke last sentence. I can imagine her right now jumping up and down on the bed.

"What?? Oh My God!! How and When??? And you're telling me now??" I asked her all in one breath.

"Calm down girl it's not even sure yet. I've applied for some internship in New York, London or Australia..but I hope I get in New York. In Sha Allah" she explained.

" issues but I'm still happy with the thought of you being here" I smiled as I imagined both of us here.

"Right, now tell me about your creepy husband" she asked. I could sense that she was biting her lips which she always does when she is angry.

"From where to start"

"From the start". And with that I told her everything.

"Listen Ri I just don't care anymore now as soon as I'm there I'll strangle him till he breathes his last breath" she was pissed off!!

"Sani...dare you do anything to him" I was now having problem in breathing. To think also taking him last breath makes me feel dead!! As if my oxygen supply has been cut almost brought tears in my eyes.

"Oh God Ri...calm down I was only saying. I wouldn't have even done that. I don't want to go jail and that to because of him!! And I know how much you love why would I spoil it??" She said calmly. I relaxed a bit.

"Hmm..he's taking me to his friend's party today in the evening" I said.


"Even I'm confused. First he announces to everyone that I'm his maid and now he's taking me to his friend's party. Hard to believe!!" I sighed.

"Really Ri, there's something fishy"

"Something very much fishy"

"Try to avoid him in the party"

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