Chapter 12

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I woke up around seven in the morning. I was thinking that when did I slept? I remembered shouting at him..he hugged me back and tucked me inside the blanket. I do remember that he laid beside me..did he slept all night?? Here??? With me????

I looked beside me and I felt relieved..phewww!! By the neatness of the bed I can make out that he didn't slept here. What if he slept and in the morning he had tidied it up?? My sub conscience has to poke her nose in between. No,I know him he'll not do anything against my wish!! Achaa..then what about you kissing him on the cheek?? Now my sub conscience was wiggling her eyebrows. Geezz...crap...I totally forgot about that.

Shit!! Now what will he think of me?? How can I do that? I'm not his Wife according to him...and Maids are not meant to do that!! I'll definitely now get a good shout from him when he comes back.

I feel so bad to miss my fajr prayer. I quickly freshen up. Blow dried my hair. And prayed fajr (kaza). After praying I went downstairs. I knew he had gone to his office. I went into the kitchen and was about to made myself a cup of coffee when I realized that there's no grocery. I sighed.

At that time only I saw guard standing by the door. I motioned him to come inside. He bowed down and told "madam, sir has told to deliver all this to you" he spoke. I was confused. I looked at the bags and took a closer inspection to it. grocery!! He had sent all the grocery...but wait!! When did he went to buy all this?? And how does he know that what we need in our or his house!!

"When did your Sir went to buy all this?" I asked the guard hoping that he might knew the answer.

"Madam, Sir never went he actually went to his office..a man came from grocery store and gave me all these bags. When Sir was leaving he told me that after a while these bags will come and I should deliver it to you" he said. I nodded at him. He kept the bag aside and went away.

I was happy that he at least thought about it. I quickly put the necessary things in the cupboard and cooked food for me.

Arhaan POV
I was laying beside her until she fully slept. I couldn't sleep...I just don't know what this girl is doing? I'm trying my level best to shut her down but no she just has to keep on trying to open the gates.

She kissed me on the cheek and I felt tingles all over my body. Suddenly I felt hot and my heartbeat was at its full speed. Something that never happened with Laiba. I don't know but why I wanted to kiss her so protect her..No this can't happen..I love Laiba how can I be with her.

I just don't know how much I had behave rude with her but still she's the same. She don't even try to impress me she's just herself only everytime. I don't know what time it was but she was sleeping now peacefully so I went to my room.

I woke up as my usual time. Got ready and went into kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee...but seriously there wasn't any grocery so I just called the store manager and told him to send all the grocery which is needed in the house.

I was going out when I told the guards about the details of the grocery. I reached office on time and first in the morning I was presented by a surprise meeting with my Hong Kong delegates. Uhh...I just hate surprises

Ahh...the meeting went well only I had to go Hong kong. I was looking at my calendar for a perfect date to go and then Laiba came. By seeing her I realized that I missed her soo damn much!!

"Hey beautiful.." I said and gave her a hug.

And instead she kissed me...woah..this is so Laiba.."hey handsome" she said by caressing my face with her delicate knuckles. I couldn't had want more. So I quickly grab her hair and kissed her.

After kissing her also I felt incomplete...why is this happening with me??

"Arhaan I'm bored lets go somewhere it has been a long time since we had gone somewhere" she pouted.

"Well I can't promise but I'll try" I gave her my best smile.

"What about that girl?? Is she giving you a hard time??" She asked.

"She's an all time pain..leave about her...what will you have??" I asked purposely distracting her topic away.

"My favourite... cappuccino" She said

"Yes madam your order is on its way" I gave her a mock salute.

We drank our coffee and chatted for a while. I promised her that I'll make a plan and we'll go out.

In the evening I thought why not I take Laiba with me to Hong Kong. I had only two days work over there and then we can enjoy. And with this I can easily clear my mind from Her.

I quickly called Laiba and told her the plan..she was beyond happy. And I was happy because she was happy.

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