Chapter 4

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Mahira POV

Uhhhhh.....stop shouting..uhhh...right now I was covering my ears with my pillow because my alarm was not listening to me. It was going on an on. Finally i switched off that annoying voice. I peeped through one eye and was shocked. O.M.G it was nine a.m. Ya Rab how can I sleep this much? I remembered i set the alarm for eight a.m after my fajr prayer how can I be this late? What will he think about me? He must be waiting for the breakfast.

Without thinking twice I quickly ran to the washroom got freshen up, blow dried my hair,put the hijab and rushed out of the room. As I went out the house was totally silent. I went and looked for him everywhere but couldn't find him. He must have gone to work. But atleast he should inform me and go. What if I was late in getting up he should have atleast left me a mesaage or woke me up by knocking. No..he had to be selfish!! 

I was in my room when suddenly I heard a horn of the car. I rushed down only to find mom and Aamna. I was a bit dissappointed I thought he came. Why was I dissappointed? And why was I expecting him?? Its only eleven am.

"Assalamualaikum my pretty daughter how are you?" Mom asked by giving me a hug.

"Walekumasalam I am are you mom?" I asked her.

"I'm fine beta...I assume Arhaan has gone to office?" She asked me. I absent mindly nodded at her because I myself was not sure. I brought some snacks and juice for them and we all settled on the couch.

"So bhabhi how much you're liking your new home" Aamna asked wiggling her eyebrows.

"Masha Allah its a pretty home.." I replied her.

" must be wondering why we are here this early..but let us tell you that today only we are going back to Dubai and we thought why not we made you familiarize with your very own husband!!" Mom said. I smiled at her.

"Let me tell you beta Arhaan is not a bad person from heart he just lost his way. I remember he use to pray five times,read Quran and all the good things...but somehow or the other he just lost his path...please guide him back" mom said requesting.

"In sha Allah mom...I will" I told her. But at the back of my mind now I understood all this rude behaviour of him. May Allah show him the right path.

"Bhabhi..bhai loves his family alot and now your also a part of this family..give him sometime to get used to this new life and In sha Allah everything will be alright. Just protect him from all the wrong deeds." Aamna said.

"In sha Allah" I replied.

"Mahira...Arhaan has a very short temper from childhood only. If he cant find anything he'll shout,if nothing goes according to his ways he'll get short he looses his temper more fast than you can expect. But at the end he also realises his mistake and appologise for it. So please if he misbehaves or talk to you rudely make him understand the right thing. I am sure he'll listen to you afterall your his wife." Mom said.

I smiled at them. Overall he is a spoiled brat who don't know anything about manners. So Mr.Arhaan Sheikh get ready from now on you are going to learn everything.

After some more time we chatted and laugh then they went away. I quickly prayed and I slept. What?? I love sleeping!!!!

At night we went to see off my in laws. The car ride was damn silent I tried to made conversation but in return only to hear his shouting. He came and went to his room slamming his door shut. Typical spoil rich brat!!!

Arhaan POV
I woke up sharp at six in the morning got ready and all set for the office. As I walked out of my room I saw her room door was closed. As expected she must be sleeping. I quickly went to kitchen made myself a cup of coffee and toast ate in silence reading the New York times. I looked at the clock and it was seven am now she's still sleeping..wao she's doing her wife duties very well note the sarcasm.

As I fipped the page I was not shocked it was expected whole page was about my wedding. Pictures and what not was there. It only reminded me that I have a lot of explanation to do to Laiba. I quickly finished my breakfast and went to the office not bothering to inform her.

As I reached my office I was greeted by everyone and some of them even congratulated me. As i reached thirty fifth floor I walked towards my cabin and I was shocked to see that my cabin was covered with bouquets and cards. This made my blood boiled to a very great extent.

"Leena...what the hell is wrong with my cabin?? Throw away all those trash right now." Anger was evident in my voice.

"But Sir its from all our dealers, staff members and..." Leena was telling me but I cut her away.

"I just don't give a damn..throw away now!!" I shouted at her.

"And all of you working over here...listen that whatever happens in my personal life has nothing to do here in the if I see all these rubbish once again I'll fire you all right away." I shouted at all the employees present in my floor.

What us wrong with all of them. Here,I am trying my level best to get rid of this damn thing but no everyone wanted to celebrate here. Heights of stupidity!!!! I opened my laptop only to see emails and that to congratulating on my wedding God!! These emails also. I just banged my table so loudly.

"O o o...someone's in a bad mood today" Rehan came and sat casually on the chair.

"These people have gone crazy they don't have anything else to do only to peek in other's life!!" I told him

"What is wrong with is your second day after marriage and your this angry!! Bhabhi never gave you a goodbye kiss or what???" He asked mockingly.

"Rehan I swear if you were not my best friend I would have killed you this instance." I told him glaringly.

He quickly raised his hands in surrender. "Okay okay what is with this foul mood?" He asked.

"This marriage is the reason behind my foul mood. I am nit going to spend the rest of my life with that girl who don't know anything other than sleeping." I told him.

"Its only your second day of the wedding and your complaining about bhabhi..not good huh!!" Rehan said sheepishly.

"To hell with this bhabhi thing!! First of all she's not your or anyone's bhabhi..and you know I love Laiba and no one else. I will marry her no one else. This marriage was forced to me." I was damn angry.

I don't know what would Laiba do or think if she comes here. I just don't want to see her upset. I love her sooo much. She had not even called me from past three days and I am not able to face her or talk to her.

"Okay okay calm down lion!! Listen give everything some time and everything will be perfect!!" Rehan told me.

I got a call from dad and told me that they were expecting me and that girl in the airport. I told yes to him. I and Rehan both got out of the office and bid each other farewell. I drove towards home I had asked Leena to call her and told her to be ready and be on the gate sharp after thirty minutes.

I was expecting to not to see her on time because every girl take time in getting but no she was here all ready waiting for me. She said her salaam and quickly sat on the passenger seat. I start the engine and in no time we were on the airport.

I hugged mom and Aamna. Mom gave me a long lecture on what to eat and what to not,how to take care of her and what not. Dad gave me a hug and warned me that if I gave her a little of pain also he'll ruin my life!! Is he really my dad...he is ready to spoil my life if something happened to that girl!! I mean seriously???"

After bidding farewell we were returning back from the airport. I was not in a mood to talk but no she was trying to make a conversation so I lost my temper and shouted at her. I drive at a very high speed and in no time we were home. I quickly went to my door and slammed the door shut..!!!


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