Chapter 21

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Arhaan POV
Damn what is she up to?? And why the hell did I leave Laiba like that?? What does that girl want from me?? No matter how much I'm trying to shut her down from myself but still she's opening the gates?? Man..She has got the guts!!

"Yes Arhaan Sheikh may I help you??" I asked because suddenly someone decided to interrupt my thoughts. Right now I was sitting in my office and was thinking about last night.

"Cut the crap Arhaan..I'm coming up..and you better prepare yourself for my questions" Rehan barked from the other side. Before I could say anything he ended the call. Now what did I do???

"Mr. Arhaan Sheikh what the hell do you think of yourself?? Have you lost your mind after becoming the C.E.O of this company??" Rehan threw the bomb on me as he entered my office.

"Chill Rehan what is wrong with you?? Why sudden anger towards me??" I asked him calmly.

"What happened yesterday in the evening?? What did you do?? Mind telling me??" He spoke in a very strict tone.

"Nothing Rehan I just threw a house party..well you were also invited but you went to attend that meeting" I told him. I was confused.

"So you took the opportunity in my absence??" He asked glaring at me.

"Rehan will you tell me what have I done?? Why are you so angry at me??" I asked him. Well this is the first time that I've seen him so angry.

" you're acting so surprised as if you don't know a thing also about what am I talking??" He said.

"No..I don't"

"You didn't just announce yesterday in the party that Mahira is you're Maid and that Laiba girl is your soon to be wife??" He glared. he's talking about that thing?? Why he's making such a big issue??

"I only said the truth" I told him with all my honesty.

"Have you forgotten my bff that you're wedding was a very big wedding?? Press was also there?? They have you're wedding pics?? And they also know who is Mahira??" He said.

Now I was more confused. I frowned at him. He sighed.

"Arhaan how can you be so dumb?? Ever heard of this statement Never mix your personal and professional life???" He asked. I nodded my head.
"Then why the hell did you said that?? Do you even remember punching John??"

"Yes I do remember...and I punched him because he was misbehaving" I told him as a matter of fact.

"Yes..but he told one of the news channels about your so called "announcement" thank God that to whom he told was one of my good friend and he called me immediately to confirm the matter because I'm your best has some sense gotten in your head??" He was literally shouting now.

After hearing him I was so damn angry that I so badly wanted to strangle that John and throw him away. I was boiling with anger.

"Well..thanks to my friend that he called and asked me and I told him that it is all false news and I controlled that situation at a right time otherwise God knows what would have happen if media would have gotten this news!!" he said.

"Thank you Rehan so much I owe you alot bro.." I said and gave him a bro hug.

"Arhaan you should have thought once also before you say such things. Whatever relation you have with Mahira, is your personal issue why say to everyone?? You know very well that if Uncle would have listened to this then we both know what would have happened!! So please keep this up to you only" he explained. I nodded.

"And yes you can hide everything from others but not from me..tell me what are you up to?? I want to know your plan!!" He demanded...and I smirked. Yes, that's my best friend... I laughed!! I walked towards my liquor stand made myself a drink..and I didn't offer him because he doesn't drink. Yes my best friend doesn't drink!!!

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