Chapter 3

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Pic on the side is Mahira's home in New York.

Mahiras' POV

After flying for eight hours continuously I was totally tired. Well after an hour or so I drifted off to sleep.. Fifteen minutes before Arhaan woke me up to fasten my seatbelt 'cause plane is about to land. He also told me that there will be paparazzi so I should get ready to face them and answer their questions.

Aamna,Mom and Dad were all with us. Day after tomorrow they'll be leaving.I wished they stayed with us. As soon as the plane landed we all proceed towards the exit. As I took one step on the airport I was blinded only thing that I could hear or see was click click click.... I quickly turned towards Arhaan and as usual he was smirking. I rolled my eyes.

Almost half of the airport was covered with the paparazzi. Security was all over us to stop the media from attacking us. Perks of being Mrs.Arhaan Khan did I just called that?? I guess I'm jet lagged!!!
As I looked towards Mum, Dad, Aamna and Arhaan they were walking with such confidence as if they were eating a piece of cake. I guess they're use to it.

"Beta...your going with Arhaan..we'll meet you tomorrow.. Shabba khair." Mom said.

"Shabba khair" I gave her hug. They all went away.

As I turned jaws literally dropped on the floor..he freaking have Audi r8 Matte.... O.M.G..Masha Allah..Allah has blessed him with so much love...Allah aur barqat de...Aameen.

"You can click a pic..." Arhaan spoke raising one of his eyebrows. I quickly gathered myself and went to sit on the passenger seat. He didn't even wait for me to put seatbelt he just started the car. How rude....!!

After driving or an hour so..Arhaan again woke me up not by touching me by just blasting away his horn!! Now..this is not the way to wake a girl.

"God...from how many days you haven't slept??" He was being dramatic. I rolled my eyes and turned...holy shit!!! A glass no no this can't be's a glass house.... He freaking lives in a glass house. Masha Allah.

I was staring in awwww.....until he decided to disrupt me...uhhhhhh!!!!!!!

"Com'on hurry up you lazy leg I don't have time to stay here until you finish your awww moment." He quoted by his fingers. I quickly followed him.

Masha Allah house was more beautiful from inside... Arhaan has gained many things in such a younger age. Thank you Allah for your blessings keep showering them.

"Your room is on the first floor right hand side..your bags and everything is over it!!" He just said and walked away. What happened to him... This was totally not accepted.

I just went to my room...and it was beyond perfection. Everything was there that was needed..Allah tera lakh lakh shukar ehsaan!!! Wait he said he my bags were already here but I couldn't find them...I'll just ask Arhaan.

Allah this house has so many rooms how would I know which one is Arhaan's...please help me God in finding his room. I was going in every room and unlocking it and checking if Arhaan is there or my bags are there or not.

Finally as I unlock last room Ya Rab heat crept to my neck...I can feel butterfly in my stomach and suddenly I was turned into a darker shade of tomato..'cause there standing and changing in all his glory was Arhaan he was only wearing his track pants..I could clearly see his built up body..his six packs can he be so damn hot!!!

"If you like what are you seeing then I guess you should take a picture of me that will stay more longer" he said smirking. Wait when did he wore a t-shirt?? When you were oggling at him!!my subconscious told me. Right...that means he knew that I was openly checking him out??Yes buddhu he knew!! Oh shoot!!! But hold on I was talking with my subconscious mind?? I guess I am seriously jet lagged...

"If you finished zoning out and checking me out can you tell me what brings you here??" He snapped his fingers.

"Umm..yeah I...I..Vo..I came for yeah bags yup I came for my luggage is not there in my room so I thought it must be in anyone's room so yeah I was looking in every this is how I am here." I told and relived a sigh of relief!! But why was I stuttering I am totally jet lagged. He nodded his head and started looking around.

"Yes there they are one take" he said giving my luggage and shut the door on my face. He just didn't do that!!!

I don't know what is wrong with him why he's behaving like this?? Was he not happy with this marriage?? Was he also forced into this marriage.. But whatever the matter is At least he should talk to me to clear things out.

I quickly got freshen up and prayed my Isha prayer thanks to Saniya and Aamna that they saved the time table according to here in my cell. After praying I quickly made dua to protect our marriage from evil and to bless us.

After praying I changed into my PJs and loose t-shirt. I safely locked my room and opened my hijab to let my hair free. I have a very long thick and straight chocolate colour hair. Masha Allah. Then I quickly fell into a deep slumber.

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