Chapter 27

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Arhaan POV

Time flows by so fast...and when you look back all you can see is your past and those wonderful memories which you've left behind. I would have never thought that my life will bring me here and Mahira will be beside me.

Yes I know I do hate her and have done many bad things with her because I really don't wanna be with's not because I'm in love with Laiba, it's just because she's a fire who'll burn me, she's a light in my dark life, she's the right path in my life which I've long forgotten..damn she's everything!!

I just don't want to go near her..Cause I know if I'll go I'll loose myself in those hazel eyes who always ask only one question When will you stop calling me Maid?? No matter how much I control myself she's a magnet who pulls me towards her.

I know that I don't love her and I know that she loves me. I hate Mahira just because she could have said no to this marriage easily, I hate her because she's coming in between mine and Laiba's relationship, I hate her because she's backfiring my every plan to ruin her, I hate her because she proudly calls herself Mrs.Mahira Arhaan Sheikh.

I also know that if I'll take one step towards her I'll fall for her..but I don't want to. I want to break her down and not leave a single way for her. I want her to feel helpless just like I felt when I didn't have any choice left instead of marrying her..and I want her to hate me not love me. But deep down I do care for her..and I'll always be..because she has always been by my side no matter what I did to her.

I can't believe when dad called me and ordered me to take care of her for the whole month until she's fully well. And to my surprise I actually listened to him and right now also I'm standing in her room by the door waiting for her to finish her fajr namaz.

"Assalamualaikum" She said smiling.

"Walekumasalam" I replied. She was shocked at first but then her eyes were beaming with happiness and then I realized that I had actually replied to her Salaam for the first time in six months. Yes it has been full six months of our forced marriage and don't ask how I remember.

"Breakfast is ready for you..and don't forget we had to go for the check up today..of your back" I reminded her.

"Yes I do remember" she said as she started walking with me to go down.

"Slowly and steadily Mahira we still haven't gotten your X-Ray done." I scolded her. She pouted.

"I don't need an X-Ray to prove me that I'm fully alright!! I know I'm good now just like before..see" she said and started jumping down the stairs one by one.

" said stop right now. Mahira" I shouted. She froze on her stairs. Damn I must have scared her. "Mahira..I know you're perfectly fine but at least wait for the confirmation. I told her. And in reply she just rolled out her tongue and started running again. God.."Mahiraaaaaa..."

"Will you stop laughing..It's annoying" I told her for the twelfth time. Still she's not listening..

"You know you can laugh also" she said. And yes we both started laughing. If someone would see us right now they'll think we are crazy..and we actually are because right now we are eating a slice of pancake with bread on it's top and a jam spread on it and also with an ample amount of omelette and to top it all was a chocolate syrup!! Yes we are eating this and Mind you it was Mahira's idea because she wanted to try something new..and I Arhaan Sheikh actually approved this. Weird?? I know!!

"You're a kid" I told her

"Ahh..tell me something new" she said licking her fingers. Suddenly I felt hot all of a sudden. She looked at me and now we both were staring at each other. How badly I wanted to hold her right now.

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