Juysha and Brayan

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Jusha's POV

"Juysha. Truth or Dare." Nico asked
"Dare." I said
"I dare you to invite Brayan over to play Truth or Dare with us. Then ask him who he likes." Nico grinned
"What! Nico! You know I like him!" I cried
"Yea I know. And that's exactly why I dared you to do it. Now go." His grin turned into a evil laugh.
"Why would you do this to me." I muttered I got up and walked over to Zeus' cabin. I knocked on the door.
"Come in." Brayan said from inside. I opened the door and stepped inside. I saw the most amazing thing in the world. Brayan, but without his shirt on. He flipin has a 8 pack! I felt my blood rush to my cheeks. Oh no. I was blushing! His black hair looked just like Jason's but in a different color. His electric blue eyes looked just like Thalia's eyes. Like both of them combined.
"Hey." He said putting on a shirt
"Hi." Hi! Is that the best I could do!? "Um, were playing Truth or Dare in Percy's cabin. Wanna join?" I asked
"Um, sure." He found a shirt and put it on then he followed me. I sat down next to Rachael and Kylie. He sat right in the middle of me and Rachael! Oh my Gods! Best day ever!
"Brayan. Truth or Dare." I asked
"Truth." He answered
"Who do you like?" I asked I hope it's me. I hope. I hooppee.

Brayan's POV

"Who do you like?" Juysha asked uh oh. I like her!
"Um, you." I muttered
"What was that? I couldn't hear you." Jason teased He knew I liked her ever since the day I met her. But ever since I told him, he's teased me ever since. Nice big brother huh?
"I LIKE JUYSHA!" I yelled. She sat there. Right next to me. She looked like Annabeth when she sees a spider.
"You.. Actually... Like... Me??" She stared at me in awe
"Yes." I said in a small voice
"Oh." She stared at her feet
"Um, can I talk to you outside?" I asked and stood up. She stood up and walked outside.
"Yes?" She asked
"Um, Juysha. Will you go out with me?" I asked
"OH MY GODS! YES!" She crushed me in a hug.
"How long have you liked me?" I asked
"The day I met you." She blushed and stared at the floor
"Me too." I also stared at the floor. I couldn't believe the girl of my dreams was right here telling me that she's liked me since the day she met me. We both walked back into the cabin holding hands. We sat down next to each other still holding hands. I glanced over at Juysha who was blushing like crazy. I did something that even surprised me. I kissed her cheek. Her blushing got redder, which I thought would never happen.
"Leo. Truth or Dare." I asked


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