Kylie and Charles

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Kylie's POV

When I found out what really happened, I thought I was literally going to kill myself. Disgusting. Now that I know, and that nobody else except for Piper knows, so that means I have to act like I'm still in love with him. GROSS! That's even worse than being hypnotized because I'm cured! I walked back into my cabin with Piper right behind me. I sat right next to Charles. He motioned me to sit in his lap. I nodded my head no. Leo looked up and searched my face desperately for any signs. He's good at seeing my emotions. So it's gonna be difficult hiding this from him.
"My. Lap. Now." He commanded. I got up and sat in his lap. Leo glared at him and balled his fists. He wrapped his arms around me, and I wrapped mine around his neck.
"Who's turn is it?" I asked.
"I think it's yours." Percy replied.
"Cuddle Bear. Truth or Dare." I said
"Dare." He smirked. I smiled I'm going to get him back so badly, it's not gonna be funny. Well, for him.

Charles' POV

Kylie won't give me a bad dare, right? I mean she's in love with me. That's obviously why I chose dare.
"I dare you to dye your hair rainbow." She smirked. Huh. The nerve! I pushed her off me so she fell on the floor.
"Hey!" Kylie, Percy, and Leo all shrieked in harmony. They both walked over to Kylie and Leo picked her up.
"You okay?" He asked her.
"Yea." She replied.
"Shut up." I commanded. I looked over to her, and she was biting her lip.
"C'mon. Rachael has the dyes." She motioned over to Rachael. Rachael had all the dyes in her hand, and went to work on my hair. I love my hair! I'm going to get Kylie. After a hour later, she was finally done. I went into the bathroom to check my hair. It was completely rainbow. No more sandy haired Charles for me!
"That's what you get." Leo muttered.
"Kylie. Truth or Dare. Ya know what? Choose Dare." I growled.
"Um.. Okay.."
"I dare you to sleep in the same stable as Blackjack when he has his burrito dinner today." I smirked. She stared at me. Wide eyed. Everyone laughed.
"Cuddle Bear! Anything else!" She gave me a cute puppy dog face.
"Fine." I leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Then come to my cabin and have sex with me." I whispered. She stared at me in horror.
"What's the dare?" Everyone questioned.
"N-n-n-nothing." She stammered.
"It was to have sex with me." I said casually.
"That is NOT going to happen!" Percy and Leo got up.
"Ah. Ah aahhh." I taunted. "Kylie's here to protect me."
"When she's cured, I'm going to KILL you." Leo cursed.
"Let me get first shot." Percy glared.
"No me!" Everyone else screamed.
"I'll do the Blackjack thing." Kylie muttered. That's what she gets. She stood up and motioned me to get up. I did it, with a questioned look on my face. She kicked me. In the place where the sun NEVER shines.
"OWWW!" I squeaked. I was lucky enough to say that. She grabbed me by my shirt collar and repeatedly punched me in the face. She let go of my collar and I fell to the floor. A flame erupted in her hands. She threw it at me. I was burning. I did stop drop and roll.(LOL ITS KINDERGARTEN AGAIN) Even though I was already on the floor. The burning finally stopped. She stared down at me. I literally saw flames in her eyes. But, they weren't like Ares. They were worse. WAY worse. By a long-shot. I even my most scariest fear in her eyes. She started kicking my stomach. I kept groaning in pain every time she did it. I rolled over and looked over to the other people in the cabin. Everyone stood there. Just shocked. Until Leo snapped out of his shock and tried to hold her back. Then Percy. But even they couldn't hold her back. Everyone in the cabin started dog piling her while I was on the floor. I looked to my sides. Blood everywhere. I looked at Kylie who was clawing at the ground screaming "KILL YOU!" She looked so scary! Darkness was coming out of her eyes. Once Nico; who was on the top, came off, she got up and jumped me. She punched, kicked, scratched, and tried to take out her sword. She picked me up and banged my head on the door. My vision started to get blurry. My eyes drooped. Last thing I heard,

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