Kylie Percy and Annie

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Your gonna laugh your pants off in this one. I think.... Or hope!!! 😆😁😁😁

Kylie's POV

The Conch Horn blew. Perfect. (sarcasm) After dinner I have to clean up Mrs. O'Leary's business. At least Percy has to wash all the camps dishes. I sat with Percy at the Poseidon table. He got blue pizza and I got red pizza. Our family is weird. He ate like 5 slices and I ate 2. We waited for everyone else to be done. We got up and Percy collected all the plates. I walked over to Mrs. O'Leary. I was about 15 feet from her and she ran over to me and drenched me in kisses. Great. I waited for her to do her business for about 15 minutes. Damn. She takes forever. I thought she was finished so I got my shovel and I scooped a piece of it. But Mrs. O'Leary came back and started kicking the ground so dirt can go on top of the poo. But me being me, I just stood there and watched her do it. But I was right next to it and, if your wondering if I got dirt on me, that is a big fat YES. I almost fell in the poo! I ran about 25 feet away out of distance of it. When she was done, I again got my shovel and scooped the poop in a big black garbage bag. I'm gonna need a lot more if I want to finish quickly.
*20 minutes later*
I walked back to my cabin with Percy following me. I looked at him and from head to toe his shirt, and pants had holes, he had 1 shoe on and 1 off, he smelt burnt, and he was sweating like no tomorrow. Or is that just water. Yea, we can let ourselves get wet. We pretty much have to pray to Poseidon. I hate doing it, but I have to.

Percy's POV

I walked over to the dishes place thing. I put on my protection gloves.
"PERCYYYY!" I heard someone scream. I turned around and Tyson crushed me in a hug.
"Tyson.. Please.. Let go... Crushing.. Me.." I couldn't breathe.
"Sorry." He murmured and let me go.
"So, why are you here?" I asked.
"I wanted to help you so you don't burn yourself with the lava like last time." He started clapping and jumped up and down.
"Um, Tyson. Did you know Kylie is your older sister?" I told him.
"No she's not. She's to scrawny and short." At that, I laughed. We always tell Kylie those exact things but she tells us to shut up. But Tyson looked confused.
"How come your older if you two have the same birthday, and the same mommy?" He asked. Uh oh. This conversation just took a wrong turn.
"Uh... Well.. My mom just 'did' it like that with dad." I said.
"What do you mean did? And where did you guys come from?" He asked. Oh great. I knew this would happen.
"My mom chose me first then Kylie. And.. We came from..." And then it hit me.
"Lizard eggs." I lied.
Lmfao my dad said that to me when I was little
I really didn't like telling Tyson lies, but I really didn't want him coming to my house everyday and checking the toilet every time my mom leaves the bathroom. Me and Kylie did it, until we turned 12 and my mom got tired of us 'invading' her privacy. But the day she told me, I was scarred for life. She didn't tell Kylie. She says she isn't old enough.I really wish I wasn't told on how they were made either. It's so gross. -Shudder- (as in Percy shuddered) Thanks a lot Charles. (Charles told Percy how they were made.)
"Lizard eggs?" Tyson asked.
"Yea. My mom chose special lizard eggs. Ones that Poseidon made." I lied.
"Oh, and she chose two?" He asked.
"Yup. One for me and one for Kylie." I lied.
"You hatched first?" He asked.
"Yea. But, Kylie is older than you." I tried to go back to what we were actually talking about before.
"Oh. Can I still call her little sis?" He asked. At that, I laughed again.
"Of course. Do it every time you get to" I picked up my first dish and noticed Tyson did almost all of them. I guess my ADHD forgot what we were doing here. I started scrubbing. SPLOOSH! I dropped the plate in the lava and it popped up and some got on my pants, and shoes.
"AHHH!" I screamed and started running around.
"I'll SAVE YOU BIG BROTHER!!!" Tyson screamed an ran literally into me. He tripped over something and fell on top of me. All I could see was plaid. (Tyson's wearing a plaid shirt)
"Percy!! Where are you!?" He called out.
"Under.......... You.." I started to black out cause I couldn't breathe. Now I see how ants feel when people step on them. Tyson stood up.
"I'm sorry Percy!" He looked like he was gonna cry.
"It's ok." I looked down at my shoes. My pants had a ton of holes in it, and my shoe burned off. Perfect. I noticed Tyson finished all the dishes. We both walked out in silence to our cabin. Halfway there, Tyson left with Mrs. O'Leary. I waved goodbye and noticed Kylie was closer to our cabin then I was. I ran over to her. I noticed she kept glancing at me but I ignored it. She opened the door and we found everyone who was playing Truth or Dare before sitting on the floor with sleeping bags and in a circle. I sat next to Annabeth ;of course, and Thalia next to me. Next to her was Nico, her new boyfriend, then it was Kylie, next to her Leo; I really have to deal with those two. Next to Leo, Piper, then Jason next to Juysha. Next to her, Brayan.
"So, who's up now?" I asked.
"I'll go!" Thalia raised her hand.

Annabeth's POV (aka Annie)

"Annie. Truth or Dare?" Thalia asked.
"Dare." I said. "And don't call me Annie!" I added.
"I dare you to kiss Chiron. For 5 minutes." Thalia grinned.
"THALS!!! HOW COULD YOU!?!?!" I shrieked.
"Do you want another choice?" She asked.
"Obviously!" I cried.
"This is your last choice. You have to kiss Leo for 5 minutes." She grinned. I glanced over at Kylie who was giving me her famous 'I'm going to kill you' face to Thalia. I turned to face Percy who was glaring at Thalia too. I stood up and sat in front of Leo. I puckered up and pretended I was kissing Percy. The look on his face, even though he was trying to hide it, I can tell he looked like he wanted to die. I glanced again over at Kylie and she clenched her fists. Leo puckered up too now. We were like 5 centimeters away, when Kylie put one hand on my lips, and her other hand on Leo's.
"Oh no you don't. Go kiss Chiron." She pointed at the door.
"Please.. Please.. Please! Kylie! I'll go anything!" I was literally begging right now.
"Anything?" She asked.
"Anything." I repeated.
"Ok.. Can you not kiss Leo?" She smirked.
"Besides that." I glared.
"Ok... But you owe me." She said.
"Ok." I said. I puckered up and so did Leo. We kissed. Wow. Now I see why Kylie likes him. He kisses great. Not as good as Percy, but good. The 5 minutes were up. I sat back down by Percy. Sheesh. I knew Leo had fire powers, but my lips are burning! Maybe since Kylie is a daughter of Poseidon, she doesn't get burned easily, I don't know. Anyway, back to the game.


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