Katie's 'tastey' drink

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Katie's POV


"Katie Truth or Dare." Jason asked
"Dare." I answered
"I dare you to.. Drink something Leo, and Kylie made." He grinned
Uh oh. This is going to be bad. I'm no saytr but this is going to be really baaaad. They took forever. But, they finally came in.
"What took so long? Travis asked
"Leo wanted to blend it all up." Kylie responded
"What's in it?" I asked
"I'll tell you when you drink it." Leo answered
I braced myself for what is going to be the most discussing thing I'll ever taste in my life. I was right. As soon as I swallowed I was coughing ASAP. My face turned red. My stomach felt on fire.
"WATER!" I bellowed I ran to the lake and dunked my head into it. Ahh. That's better.
When I came back, I screamed at Leo and Kylie.
"What was in that!" I yelled
"Oh, just your hottest peppers in your hot pepper trunk. A little bit of poison ivy, dirt, and hay. But, don't get mad. Kylie wanted to put worms. Your lucky I tamed the lion" Leo grinned.
Ugh. My tongue is so numb. Those were my hottest peppers I've ever grew! I didn't even show my mom Demeter!

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