Rachael and Jason

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Rachael's POV

"Rachael. Truth or Dare?" Annabeth asked.
"Truth." I answered. Listen. Annabeth is a wise girl. It would be stupid to say dare unless you want to be embarrassed. Badly.
"Did you kiss Percy? If so, tell why and why you liked him." She glared at Percy.
"Um, on second thought, I choose dare." I said.
"I dare you to answer the questions." She grinned.
"Damnit." I muttered.
"Do it." She commanded.
"Ok. Yes I did. I did it because you two weren't dating! I liked him because he was cute, and stupid in his own way."
"Hey!" Percy interrupted.
"And... He saved me like 30 times." I ignored him.
"Thank you." Annabeth slid away from Percy. He put up his hands in a 'what I do?' sign.
"Umm, Jason. Truth or Dare?" I asked.
"Dare!" He cried.
"Wrong choice." I muttered.

Jason's POV

"I dare you to electrocute the Aphrodite cabin and then scream Aphrodite's kids are the most ugly things on earth!" Rachael grinned evily.
"Your the new Pluto. I mean Hades." I muttered.
"Go do it." She demanded. I stood up and walked outside the cabin. I'm gonna get Rachael back. She better watch her back. I summoned lightning from the clouds and targeted the pink Aphrodite cabin.
ZZZT! The lightning sounded like.
"AAAHHHH!!!" I heard from inside the cabin.
"MY HAIR!" One screamed.
"OUR CABIN!" Another screamed. They all swarmed out the cabin.
"It's Jason! He did this to us!" A boy spotted me. Uh oh. Time to run. I ran away from the angry Aphrodite cabin. One of them threw their burnt hairbrush at me! They chased me all around camp. Well, until I tripped over a rock and fell. They scratched, kicked, pulled so much, you'd think they're boxers.
"I know cast the Curse of Aphrodite on you It'll wear off when you learn your lesson!" A boy tapped me on my forehead and cheeks like 5 times.
"Aphrodite rules!" A girl screamed.
They all started pointing and laughing at me. But after like 10 minutes of laughing, they all ran back to their burnt cabin. I got up and walked back to Perc and Kys cabin. When I walked in, everyone was cracking up. Especially Piper. When they all saw me, they started laughing even more. I'm surprised how that even was possible because they were red before, now there purple.
"What's so funny!" I demanded
"Dude! Did you even look at what your wearing!?" Leo cried between breaths. I looked down at my hands. Well, where my hands should have been. Where my hands should've been were paws. In white. I ran to the bathroom and I saw me, but not in the clothes I had on earlier. I was wearing a white Teddy Bear costume. There was even a red bow tie attached to it that says 'love me!'
"Holy Zeus!" I yelped. Thunder crackled in the sky.
"Sorry dad." I muttered.
After 10 more minutes of cracking up, they all finally calmed down.
"See Kylie, that's an actual cuddle bear." Piper made fun. Kylie glared at her. Everyone, including me, laughed.
"Nico. Truth or Dare." I asked.

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