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Okay, so I know this isn't an update! I am going to update ASAP, but, I need help. This is where YOU come in. I need help choosing which characters to write about. You know how every update, if I'm writing about Percy Leo and Jason, I write Percy Leo and Jason. I need help determining who I should write about. The max POVs are 3 and the least are 2. So, comment on this and this ONLY update saying who you want me to write about.

For example, comment on this update like this:

'Percy Thalia and Kylie.' Or 'Leo and Annabeth'

The most votes win! Good luck! And if you want, throw in some truth or dares! Oh, and I'll reveal my face tomorrow at 5:00 PM. ((New Jersey time lol stupid time zones)) I'll post a pic of me on my profile.

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