Percy Thalia and Annabeth

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Percy's POV

I can't believe what Kylie did. I thought she was scary before, but now she's just terrifying! Well, that's what Charles gets. I didn't even bother checking if he was alive in the Big House. No one messes with the Jacksons. I waited in my cabin with Kylie.
"I've never seen you so mad before." I broke the silence
"I know." She crossed her arms. "I'm not even going to say sorry. He's lucky you took Tiderip from me."
(Tiderip is Riptide backwards. I couldn't think of a good name for her sword)
I gulped. Everyone finally walked in. Except for the Stolls and Katie. (I totally forgot about them)
"So, who's turn." I asked.
"I'll go." Piper said. "Perc. Truth or Dare."
"Dare!" I cried.
"I dare you to hang onto Chiron's leg as long as you can while screaming 'centaurs are actually unicorns' loud as you can." She smirked.
"I hate you." I muttered.

*Conch horn blew* (for dinner)

"Hey Chiron." I said.
"Hello Percy." He said. I jumped into his left leg,and prayed to Poseidon that Chiron wouldn't accidentally poop on my head. That has happened to me before. My mom made me volunteer for a Macy's parade, and they made me clean the horse stables. One of the owners of a horse really hated me, and kept the horse in the stables. You know the end to that. I had to wash my hair 20 times! My beautiful hair!
"CENTAURS ARE ACTUALLY UNICORNS!!!!" I screamed. Chiron bucked up in the air.
"PERCY!" He bellowed
"GET OFF ME!" He bucked, and bucked and bucked. I think I'm gonna vomit. He finally stopped. I still held on but I softened my grip. He must've noticed because he started bucking again. My hand slipped. Next thing I know, I'm flying. Or, falling with style. Instead of looking forward, I looked down. What an terrible idea. Well, good thing I'm not a child of Athena then.
"Percy! Look out!" Annabeth pointed at something in front of me. I followed her finger to see what on earth she was pointing to. Oh my Gods. A tree. Not jut any tree, Thalia's pine tree.
"Oh Gods!" I shrieked as I made contact. That's not even the worst part. I ended up falling, feet first, onto the top of the tree. (The pointy part) I got 'stabbed' right in where I make my 'tootsie rolls' in the toilet.
"EEEEEEEKKKK!" Was all I could say. Jason came over to catch me, but he missed. What a idiot! I fell. And fell, and fell, and fell. Head, shoulder, you name it, I've hurt it. I finally reached the ground with a thud.
I looked over to my right and saw Chiron walking over with Mr. D cracking up.
"Percy. 2 months washing the whole camps dishes. And your on Mrs. O'Leary's cleaning duty for 4 months!"
"Mmmhmmm." I murmured.
"That's what you get." Kylie muttered. She over to me and grabbed my arms. She started dragging me to the cabin.
"Oh, by the way Percy." She stopped and kicked me in the back. HARD.
"EEK!" I screamed. That hurt.
"Kylie!" Leo cried. "Don't let her anywhere near Percy!" Leo came over to pick me up. I groaned. Jason, Piper, and Nico also came over to pick me up.
"Ambrosia." I croaked. Annabeth ran over to give me some. I ate and instantly felt better. It tasted like my moms blue cookies fresh out of the oven. They all set me on the floor of my cabin.
"Thalia. Truth or Dare?" I asked.
"I dare you to do 7 minutes of Olympus in my closet. With Nico." I smiled.
"Why not my closet?!" Kylie shrieked.
"Remember Mr. Candycorn? You hid him in your closet while we were playing hide n seek and we lost him!" I cried. He was a husky that Poseidon gave us for our birthday. Kylie obviously named him. And she obviously loves candycorn.
"Oh yea.." She remembered.
Anyway, Thalia and Nico make a good couple. Together, they could make
Thaco. :O ITS ALMOST LIKE TACO!!! I could go for some tacos right now. With some hot sauce, and cheese, and well you get the picture. The first time I made Annabeth eat a taco, I mixed Katie's hottest peppers in the meat, she literally jumped into the lake for water. I got a slap in the face from her but it was worth it. You should've seen her face!
~~~~~~~~back to reality~~~~~~~~~ They both shared glances at each other and blushed. I know what they're thinking... I winked at Nico. He glared at me. It's not my fault they're the only non couple in the cabin! Since when did I turn into Cupid?

Thalia's POV

THANK YOU SO MUCH PERCY!!! I try not to show it, but I really like Nico. Nico walked over to me and held out his hand. I took it. We both walked over to Percy's closet, and Nico closed the door.
"Starting now." Annabeth said.
"Thalia. I really like you." Nico whispered in my ear.
"I really like you too." I whispered back.
"Would you go out with me?" He asked
"Of course." I answered. He smiled. I was so happy! I jumped onto him wrapping my legs around his torso and my arms around his neck. He held me up. I crashed my lips into his. He accidentally tripped over a shoe or something and we both fell. Him on top of me.
"Times up." Annabeth spoke. Someone opened the door. Everyone stared at us in awe.
"Nico! You daredevil you." Percy started clapping. "Your even farther than me and Annabeth!"
"That's disgusting!" Kylie cried.
"Agreed." Leo made a vomiting sound.
"Oh grow up you two." Piper said.
Nico finally got off me and helped me up. We now sat next to each other holding hands. I can't believe were actually dating! Best. Day. Ever. I owe Percy big time.
"Annabeth. Truth or Dare." I asked.

Annabeth's POV

"Dare." I answered.
"I dare you to IM your mom and tell her your having a baby and the dad is Percy. Percy you tell Poseidon the same thing. Then propose to Annabeth using a donut and have a actual wedding and all that." She said. My mouth dropped open. How could she do this to me!
"Thalia! I thought we were best friends!" I cried
"Oh we are. But I really wanted to see this!" She laughed.
"In your face Percy!" Kylie cried.
"I'll get you." He glared at Thalia and Kylie.
"Oh and completely unrelated to the subject, Annabeth. What's your favorite donut flavor?" Percy asked.
"Pink frosted sprinkled!" I cried.
"Oh ok. Be right back." He walked out the cabin. Ten minuets later, he walked back in with a Duncan-donuts bag.
"Let's do this." I said.
"Dear Iris, Goddess of the rainbow, show me Athena and Poseidon!" Percy cried.
Athena and Poseidon were still bickering about our kiss.
"Annabeth." Athena glared at me.
"Percy." Poseidon also glared at Percy. They're obviously mad at us even though we told them it was a dare.
"Hi mom." I smiled. "I'm sorry for kissing the child of the sea god." I tried to make her happy. You don't want the Goddess of Wisdom against you. Percy seemed to understand my idea for like the first time in the world.
"Hey dad. Yea, I'm sorry for kissing the smelly girl of Athena." Percy made a sour face. "But Athena and dad umm... Annabeth has to tell you something." Wow. Thanks Percy.
"Um, I'm having a baby." I tapped my flat stomach.
"You WHAT!?" Athena screamed.
"Congrats. Why do I need to know?" Poseidon asked.
"Because... Percy is the father." I
"Annabeth. You know how I don't like it when my kids mutter. Who is the father." Athena commanded.
"Percy." I said.
"WWHHAATTT!!!!!" Poseidon and Athena bellowed.
"Um, that's not all." Percy said. I looked at him questionably. He got down on his knees, and Tyson came over with a pink frosted sprinkled donut and handed it to Percy.
"Erm, Annabeth. Would you... Mary me?" He asked. I know it was pretent, but I couldn't help but feeling butterflies in my tummy.
"Yes." I gave him my hand. He slipped the 'ring' on my ring finger. I looked over to Poseidon and Athena who looked like they just saw Gaea and Kronos come back to life, but they were good.
"You two are welcome to come to the wedding.." I said.
"When is it?" Poseidon asked.
"Today. Actually, in a hour." I replied "Wait. Weren't you mad, at us?" He shrugged. "If you can't beat em, join em."

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