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I totally forgot about Wattpad to be honest lol.

Ive been SO busy lately, trust me. High School is not exactly a 'walk in the park'. I am so sorry omg! You guys probably thought I died or something because I haven't even been replying to your comments XD. That's the thing, I have SO MANY COMMENTS that I can't even go through them all! If I don't go on for one day it'll say I have 145 notifications and I get lazy to check it so I don't bother XD. But yeah, Track just started and my shin splints are ALREADY coming back, ((I wouldn't with shin splints on my worst enemy)) some people have it easy, but others ((like me)) DO NOT. One day at a meet my shins were so bad they were SWOLLEN. Like 2 sizes than they originally were! My grades are slipping ((they always are what's new?)) Boyfriend ;) work, homework, its just stressful!

I completely apologize for being so negligent on here, I'll TRY to update, but I can't promise anything. Ummm for the time being I could do some of those tags you guys are always tagging me in lol... Would anyone like that ? Cause at least it shows I'm alive lol.

P.S.- Damnnnn, the Wattpad update is looking gooooooooooodddddd ((this probably happened a while ago but my late self just found out now XD))

P.S.S- I don't expect you guys to read this because you probably gave up on me, but

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