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Hello fellow Wattpaders! This is IMPORTANT!! I would like to say, that I'm deleting this book.
I am NOT trying to be rude ok? Just before you read what I'm going to say. Someone has told me many times, that most and I mean by most, like almost ALL of my chapters have been a 'De Ja Vu' of NoveltyNinja's Truth or Dare book. Remember, if you are that person, don't get mad or something because I'm doing this. :) I'm not trying to call that person out, so DON'T be mad at that person. I don't like people copying me, so I obviously SHOULDN'T copy them. I AM SORRY NOVELTYNINJA!!!! If you are reading this, this book will be deleted tomorrow morning. And, I'll be deleting my account so you all won't get mad or something. I am also SO SORRY TO TOPAZ because I told her I'd put her in this book, and I didn't. Uhh.. If you all are wondering, I'm going to stay on Wattpad, but I'm going to make a new account. :) So, don't get mad, and remember, DON'T GET MAD! Ok, so, I'll delete this book in the morning.... Uhh... Yeaa... So... Bye?...

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