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THANK YOU SO MUCH Annabeth3Chase!!! (She gave me this truth)?" Ok, so I AM writing the wedding, but I think you all deserved to read this while I'm typing, YOUR WELCOME! I've had a terrible Monday and Tuesday, (today) I lost my bestest friend in the whole wide world today, and a bunch of other things, so please don't get mad if I'm not texting you back or not updating.. :'(

Nico's POV

"Nico. Truth or Dare." Leo asked. I know better to trust Leo, I mean the guy is nuts! He looks like he's on a sugar rush every time you look at him!
"Truth!" I shrieked. I have no idea why... But I did.
"Baby. Ok, let's see, if you can marry anyone here in this cabin, besides Thalia, who would it be?" He asked. Oh Gods. Why me! I knew this question would come up but why have it be asked to me!?!?
"Uhhh.... Dare!" I shrieked.
"I dare you to answer the question!" He grinned. I glared at him. I glanced over at Thalia and she was staring at me questionably.
"I hate you Valdez." I muttered.
"I know, Nico." He wiggled his eyebrows.
"I'm gonna get you back. So badly, it's unreal." I muttered again.
"So, the answer?" He wiggled his eyebrows again.
"Uh.... Percy." I whispered, not even loud enough for me to hear.
"What was that?" Jason asked. He knew too. But, he was just pretending.
"Percy." I whispered a little louder.
"WHAT HE SAY!?" Leo joked. I started getting annoyed.
"Percy." I whispered a little louder.
"WHAT HE SAY!?" Percy joined in too.
"YOU PERSEUS JACKSON!" I screamed. They all went silent and stared at me.
"Percico!" Leo joked. I glared at him again.
"Um, Nico, I'm with Annabeth, and I only think of you as a little brother.." He said awkwardly.
"I know!" I yelled.
"How come you didn't tell me!?" Thalia screeched.
"I'm sorry. I thought you wouldn't like me if I told you." I stared at my feet. I felt a warm hand touch my cheek.
"Oh Nico, I only love you for you, it doesn't matter about your flaws, it's what make you well, you!" She smiled. I also smiled. She kissed me. Wow.
"I love you." I whispered.
"I love you too." She whispered and crushed me in a hug.

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