Kylie and Piper!

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Kylie's POV

"Kylie. Truth or Dare." Thalia asked
"Dare!" I cried I always choose dare. Anyway, back to Thalia..
"I dare you to do Mrs. O'Leary's clean up duty for Percy until his 4 months are up." Thalia smirked
"YESSS!" Percy fist pumped in the air. Oh no. Ok, so if you have a normal dog, your lucky. I have a hellhound. When your dog gets sick, it does diarrhea. It's a lot just for a normal dog. Just think of a hellhound who pees literally 40 gallons of water and poops the size of a door with just one solid one! But Mrs. O'Leary, she's special. She does more then a hellhound a could poop. I guess it's cause she's the worlds first and most likely only actual nice hellhound.
"I'm gonna kill you." I muttered
"Sure you are." She smirked
"Yes. I am. Just like I think I did with Charles." I glared
"Leo, calm her down please. I actually don't want to die." Thalia hid her head a little bit behind Nico.
"Kylie. Calm down. Your making the face again." Leo whispered Ok. The face is pretty much my mad face. But, I make it when I'm trying not to be mad or scare or hurt anyone. I always try not to show it, but it always happens. Everyone makes fun of me for it. They pretty much make the face and start laughing.
"Piper. Truth or Dare." I asked

Sorry for all you Thalia fans!!

Piper's POV

"Dare." I know it was a stupid idea, but I won't be seen as a scaredy cat like Thals.
"I dare you to go inside the Ares cabin and scream 'Clarisse is a coward! Just like her dad!' At the top of your lungs." She grinned a mischievous grin. Just like Leo does. I rolled my eyes. Perfect match mom. Perfect. Match.
"Wait! Piper!" Kylie scream/whispered and ran over to me. "Your real dare is to pretend your dying because the Ares cabin beat you up. Then when I get Jason, you have to scare him so badly, he'll pee his pants!"
"Sheesh Kylie. Put a lot of thought into this plan didn't ya?" I started to sit on the floor because we were already in front of the Ares cabin.
"Yup. Ok. Lay down with your head facing my cabin. Now, give me Katoptris." She took it and put it a few inches away from my hand. She pulled out a container from her pocket.
"What is that?" I asked suspiciously
"Don't worry I didn't poison it. It's just fake blood I made. Again, it's NOT poisonous." She put her finger in it and rubbed a lot on my face. Then put some around me. I messed up my choppy brown hair even more.
"Be right back. Jason!" She cried and ran back to her cabin. Just before she opened the door, Jason came bursting out.
"Piper! It's all my fault! I should've never let you do this!" He knelt down next to me. He picked up my head and kissed me. He put his hand on my heart. I stopped breathing and my heart stopped for a couple seconds.
"I'm so sorry." He murmured and kissed me again this time it was a little longer than before. His eyes started tearing up. He set me down. Now's my chance. I screamed and grabbed his shoulders.
"AHHH!" He shrieked and literally jumped 10 feet back.
"Piper! Your alive!" He sounded relieved. I'm glad I will never see Jason like that again. It almost made me cry and I was faking. Jason is supposed to be tough, but he does know when to be sad. Thank the Gods that he did. He picked me up the way they do when you get married, and carried me inside. We both sat down next to each other. Well, more like me sitting on his lap. I wrapped my hands around his neck and whispered, "When I die, it'll never be your fault." And I kissed him.
"Ok. And when I die, It'll never be your fault." He kissed me. Then the Conch Horn blew for dinner.


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