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HEYYYY!!! I know, I said this book is discontinued, but I thought, hey, why not? I little present! So, YES! YOU GUESSED IT! A NEW CHAPPY! THIS ONES A REALLY LONG ONE! I HOPE YOU LIKE! ENJOYYYY!!!!

This truth is dedicated to: President_Olaf

Percy's POV

"Everyone! Truth or Dare!?" I shouted.

"Truth." They decided after a nice little talk about it.

"Who would you kiss in this room, but you can't pick the person you like, or who you're dating."

"Um, I'd choose Percy." Piper answered.

"Um, I guess I'd choose Thalia or Piper." Leo answered.

"I'd choose Percy." Thalia shrugged.

"I'd choose Kylie or Annabeth." Jason answered.

"I'd choose Nico or Jason." Kylie shrugged.

"I'd choose Piper." Frank said.

"I'd choose Jason or Percy." Hazel smiled.

"I'd choose Kylie or Annabeth." Nico said.

"Um, I'm the Oracle so I can't choose." Rachael grinned.

((If I forgot anyone, please tell me XD sorry I'm very hyper and I'm not paying attention to what I'm writing up there))

I thought of this next dare! Oh, and if any of you think I copied any one else's book, ((or even REFER to it)) I'm gonna delete this ENTIRE book. So, choose your words carefully if you comment!

Leo's POV

"Hazel, you can take over." Percy shrugged.

"Alright! Leo, Truth or Dare?" She grinned.

"Dare Jewls!" I shouted.

"Jewls?" She asked.

"Well, since you have a way with Jewels and stuff, I just thought you can get a nickname." I laughed.

"Um, okay? Any who, I dare you to put on a pink tutu with a tiara and go on top of the Big House and start dancing to the Barbie Girl song." She and everyone else bursted out laughing.

"WHAT!? Hazel! Did you really think of that yourself!" I gasped.

"Yes, I did." She grinned evilly.

"No back outs Leo." Jason laughed. I scrunched up my nose and walked to the Aphrodite cabin. I knocked on the door and Drew came out.

"What do you want, Valdez." She glared.

"Oh, um, can I get a pink tutu?" I smiled nervously. Her expression softened. Oh, I hope she doesn't ask why. I really hope.

"Um, why?" She asked. Oh Gods. Seriously?

"Um... Because Piper wants it. I'm not supposed to tell you, but she wants to learn how to do ballet." I smiled evilly.

"Oh, alright Leo. Tell her to be carefull, we wouldn't want her to brake anything, now would we?" She smiled weirdly. I said thanks to her and walked back to the Poseidon cabin. I went in the bathroom and changed. As I walked out everyone bursted out laughing.

"I feel ridiculous." I muttered.

"You look even more ridiculous." Percy chuckled.

"Now, do the rest of the dare." Hazel smirked. I groaned and walked out the cabin. The rest followed me. Jason grabbed me and flew me on top of the Big House. I sighed as the song started. I now started to dance.

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