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Kylie's POV


"Tyson. Truth or Dare?" Piper said
"O.K. Did you know that Kylie is your little sister?"
Wait. WHAT! Did you see what he did to Percy!? Percy's twice my size and he almost crushed him! Just imagine what he might do to me!
"Really!" He yelled
"Yup." She smiled evily
"NO! TYSON SHE'S LYING!" I squeaked
"Are you lying Piper?"
"No way Tyson. Why don't you give her a BIIIGGG HHUUGGG."
Oh no. Hug is like a death word for me. I hate hugs. They know it. 3 words. Kill. Me. Now. I stand up and brace myself for which is going to be the most painful thing in my life.
"SISTER!" He screamed
He hugged me so tight I think my eyes popped out.
"I love you sis!" He shrieked
"Put me down!" I commanded
I look to see everyone on the floor clutching their stomachs. Even Leo, and he's my secret boyfriend! I sit down thinking of a plan to get them back. It's going to be perfect.
"Jason your turn." Piper said (I'm going clockwise)
"Katie Truth or Dare."

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