Jason and Leoo!

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Jason's POV

"Jason. Truth or dare." Katie asked me
"Dare." I replied
"I dare you to go on a date with Reyna. And, let her do what ever she wants to you. EXEPT. IN BED."
I just sat there, processing what she had just said to me. I made a disgusted look on my face, and glanced over at Piper who was trying not to kill Kaite. Everyone was cracking up so badly, they're faces were tomato red.
"Fine. I dare you to go KISS Annabeth. For 10 seconds." She grinned
"I'm sorry Percy." I said in a small voice as Annabeth stared at me with her wide stormy gray eyes.
"Jason! I will kill you!" Annabeth cried.
"I'm sorry!!!" I shrieked
"Don't do it!" Percy glared
"Sorry!" I said in a high pitched voice
I stood up and walked over to Annabeth. I kissed her,it was great, but Piper's kisses are WAY better. For 10 seconds, we did it. While I did, Annabeth stared at me wide eyed the whole time.
"JASON!" Percy shrieked
Uh oh. That was my cue to start running. I burst out of the cabin screaming like a maniac. Percy tackled me to the floor, and kicked me as hard as he could where the sun don't shine. It hurt so badly, I screamed like a little girl for 3 whole minutes. When I finally stopped, my 'peanut' was sore.
"You have a little girl scream just like me and Percy!" Leo grinned
I growled at them for laughing at me. So not fair. Why couldn't someone like Leo or Nico get a dare. Ugh. Well, at least it's my turn. I look around the room, thinking of an easy victim who will always choose dare no matter what. Finally, I end up on Leo.
"Leo. Truth or dare." I ask
"Dare Sparky!" He replied
Now he's gonna get it.

Leo's POV

"I dare you to first, kiss your crush, and second, switch clothes with her until I say you can change back.And don't lie, because I know when you lie." Jason said.
I gulped. Uh oh. I'm screwed.
"Umm... Before I do that, I need everyone to promise to me that you WON'T kill or hurt me when I do this." I squeaked
"I promise." Everyone said
I sighed with relief. I hopped up and walked over to Kylie. She wasn't surprised at all because we were secretly dating. Heh, we just started dating yesterday. This was the like 3rd time we kissed, and I still feel the sparks when I kiss her. We stayed like that for at least a minute. Nothing mattered. Until Percy, her older overprotective twin brother, growled a little to loud. I stood up and offered Kylie my hand. She took it gradually. She waved a single hand, and a another bathroom appeared. Well, it's actually a fitting room. Anyway, that's how powerful she is. I took the new one, and she took the old bathroom. I took off my white T-shirt and royal blue shirt with a Domo with shades on it and handed it to her. All the girls stared at my 6pack as I rolled my eyes. Kylie walked into her bathroom and put it on. I walked into mine. She came out with it on. Aw! She looked so cute! As she handed me her white T-shirt and a shirt in black and white saying 'YOLO!' I put that on. Unsurprisingly it fit. We both were scrawny, so it wasn't surprising. I took off my blue skinny jeans and Kylie opened the curtain slightly just to take them off my hands. After a couple minutes, she came back with her jeans. But, before I could get it from her, she pulled the curtain open ALL the way, and I shrieked like a little girl covering my fire patterned boxers. Everyone cracked up.
"Seriously Leo!" The Stoll brothers said
I blushed like crazy. I snatched Kylie's pants out of her hands. They were blue skinny jeans just like mine but there a darker shade of blue. Thank the Gods Kylie was a tomboy. Or I would've been even more embarrassed.

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