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New Beginnings by CharliEmAlO
New Beginningsby Charli
Four years after the end of the Wizarding War, Draco leaves everything behind for a fresh start in the Big Apple. How will he cope, out on his own for the first time and...
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𝚃𝚘𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚜. by ____aris
𝚃𝚘𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚜.by Aris
"You all lied to me! You all did. I-i can't believe this, I don't wanna look at any of your faces! J-just leave me alone!" I sobbed running out the door ...
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New Start🦄 by l_i_l_i_e12
New Start🦄by l_i_l_i_e12
SEXUAL CONTENT AND GIFS IN BOOK (The character are black but I could only find white ppl gifs) "sweet little girls like you dont need to be in this kind of world&qu...
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Blind Date by 8Renee
Blind Dateby Sarah Renee
~1st Runner-up in Romance in the Literally Lit Literature awards 2018~ Tatianna's last breakup may have been the worst breakup of a lifetime. Not only did her fiance...
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The Rumor Mill by bettyboo125bo
The Rumor Millby Elli McElveen
Tracey was your average teenager, that's until she lost everything. Her home, her parents, even her friends. Throughout losing everthing, she has no choice but to move i...
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A New Start... by The_Masked_Pyro
A New The Silent Key
New Universe... New characters... New Pyro...
The Lives They touched by Victorialancecorday
The Lives They touchedby Victoria L. Corday
Emily was the kind of mother that walked through fire for her daughter, Beverly. To escape an abusive environment she set out to get new identities. Gerald could not bea...
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A New Life by Zain11-2001
A New Lifeby Zain11-2001
Join Zain as He changes into a girl. One Day Zain saves a man in a Nuclear reactor failure and is effected differently by the radiations causing his male body to become...
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Riley Meets the Originals by TvdKolfan99
Riley Meets the Originalsby Kiara Thomas
After four years of Riley and Lucas being together, junior year, Riley finds out that Maya and Lucas have been together behind her back. Everyone except her knew. She be...
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The broken God by Monster_Guardian
The broken Godby Sora-Kuroi Bara
The forced God of destruction, Error was finally catching up to the Creator. Soon the balance would be settled, only making him have to destroy the latest unnecessary ed...
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Kitsune-sama (Genius Naruto ~Female Naruto Naruko!~) Abandoned/Up For Adoption by christina_fafina
Kitsune-sama (Genius Naruto Christina Nevarez
Naruko is sick of feeling like less then dirt and being called the Kyuubi the nine tailed beast that's sealed inside of her. Naruko the genius no one knows of leave the...
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His Little Fighter by goodgirlsrule
His Little Fighterby goodgirlsrule
Ameria Blake is a sweet, feisty, young, innocent girl. She is different from the rest and that is why her family hates her. They treat her like Cinderella but far worse...
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To Marry the Governess by MuintirQueen
To Marry the Governessby Arienh Forsyth
Mr. Calum Gordon of Shawsta House needs assistance. Taking in orphaned boys and providing them with an education is simple enough, but young Blaine demands a woman's to...
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Found My Peace In You by wandering_wordings
Found My Peace In Youby sirisha Venkateswaran
Peep in for prologue... Like it? Go deep into story. Thank you
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Connected (Dramione) by queenadolpho
Connected (Dramione)by QUEENADOLPHO
What if Hermione was a Pureblood What if her and Ginny became Slytherins What if she befriended the enemy's What if... Read to find out ...
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A/D Oc's 3 by Cakerulez
A/D Oc's 3by Cakerulez
A new beginning
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Home Sweet Home by fixzy02
Home Sweet Homeby fixzy02
Emily has never been out of town , imagine her reaction when her dad told her they will be relocating to another country in Freaking Africa, Nigeria But she learnt to s...
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A new start by writerfromfrance
A new startby Writerfromfrance
I'm french so sorry my English isn't perfect at all and I didn't write anything before so no hate please🤡 Hope you will enjoy it
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I wish I was A nomal girl by misfit4L
I wish I was A nomal girlby cheyenne
This is my story. Some peoples story is amazing and some are tragic. I only can tell my truth so here you go. My life has its ups and downs but I can balance it out. I'm...
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Danny phantom Oneshots by NightwriterMystica
Danny phantom Oneshotsby Gabigail Dixson
One shots and stuff Triggering conent.
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