Percy (LOL AGAIN), Rachael & ME

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Percy's POV

"Percy. Truth or Dare?" Nico asked.
"Dare!!" I responded.
"I dare you to kiss Aphrodite." He smirked. WHAT!?! I glanced over at Annabeth, who was trying not to kill Nico.
Kylie laughed. "Percy! Now you can finally complete her dream! Yes, I always pretend to sleep at night when she Iris messages you!"
Everybody laughed. Even Annabeth, who was really mad.
Piper went to go get her mom.
"PPPEEERRRCCYYYY!!!!" A high pitched voice cried. My cabin door bursted open, by a beautiful girl. Not as much as Annabeth, but a close second. After her, came in Piper who has her head down in embarrassment. The girl was obviously Aphrodite.
"Percyyyy!" She ran up to me and hugged me. So tight, it was almost as bad when Tyson hugged Kylie. I groaned in annoyance.
"Let's get this over with." I muttered.
We walked over to a corner.
"Awww, let me take a pic!" Kylie made fun. I glared at her. Oh, she's gonna get it. It's a brother sister thing.
"Oh, Aphrodite, look! It's Kylie!" I stuck out my tongue at her.
"Kylie!" She squealed. "Make sure you at least put on lip gloss!"
"Not EVER going to happen." Kylie
"Leo! Please do it for her. She would look so pretty in a dress!" She squealed
"Okay! I will!" Leo stared at Kylie. Probably imagining her in a dress.
"Stop!" Kylie whined. "Aphrodite! Remember kissing Percy!?"
"Oh yea!" She cried. She ran up to me. She closed her eyes and puckered up. We kissed. I actually thought it was gonna be bad, but actually it wasn't. I tried to stop, but she grabbed me, and turned me. I was just leaning, about to fall, but she held me up. She deepened the kiss. I tried to get free, but I couldn't. Who knew she could be so strong? I sure didn't. I tried to break apart again. Thank the gods it happened.
"Best kiss EVER!" She cried.
She grabbed me again and did the same thing. But this time, I felt something keep poking my lips. SHES TRYING TO FRENCH KISS ME!!! I didn't let her tongue inside. That's disgusting. Only me and Annabeth do that. And that's barely!!! Gross... She finally let go of me.
"Percy, there's way more where that came from." She winked at me. She disappeared. I looked around to see all my friends. Kylie took a picture of it!! She's probably gonna show everyone who lives under the sea and above! The Stoll brothers recorded the whole thing! Everyone else laughed. Except for Annabeth. She glared at me. I didn't ever do anything! Yet...


Rachael's POV

"Rachael. Truth or Dare?" Percy asked me.
Eh I'm feeling kinda random today, so I'm gonna choose... "Both!"
They all looked at me questionably. I just shrugged.
"Bad idea.." Kylie muttered.
"Your truth is to tell me who you liked before the spirit of Delphi entered you." Percy grinned. Uh oh. I glanced over at Annabeth, pretty quickly. I took a deep breath, and said "Percy.." I squeaked. Percy blushed while Annabeth glared at him. I think something's going on with them two.
"Now your dare is to flirt, NOT kiss, but flirt with a random dude at camp. BUT he has to walk up to you."
A little note: I'm only 12, and I've NEVER flirted in my life. So, obviously I'm gonna be very bad at it. I'm a tomboy.. Not my fault.
I walked outside of the cabin. I walked around camp for about 6 minutes, until a dude walked up to me.
"Heyyy gorgeous." He started playing with my hair. "My name is Charles. What's yours?"
"Rachael. Charles. What a nice name. I love your shirt by the way." I forced a smile. This boy smelled. No wait. He reeked! It's like rotten broccoli rolled up in sweaty gym socks left out in the sun on a really hot day! He looked at his shirt. It was a okay looking shirt, but I think he had a vomit stain on it. He was UGLY too, really really ugly. I shouldn't explain it because YOU might even vomit! Let's just say he looks like the grinch BEFORE he stole Christmas.
"Wow thanks. Your really hot... Can I get a kiss?" He puckered his lips and closed his eyes.
"Sure. But keep those eyes closed." I told him. I looked around for something he could kiss. AHA! My shoe. I pulled it off as fast as I could, and shoved it in his face.
"Hey! I want a real kiss!" He screamed. I laughed.
"Not going to happen!" I yelled as I as running back to cabin 3. I noticed something. He was following me! I ran inside and sat in my spot. Everyone was cracking up. No fair. He barged through the door and screamed "I want a real kiss!" Everyone quieted.
"Sheesh Rachael. You really upset him." Leo pretended he cared.
"Ummm, Charles... Rachael isn't supposed to kiss people. She's the Oracle." Percy said.
"In other words, GET OUT OF MY CABIN!" Kylie cried. Leo sat next to her to calm her down.
"No way! Not without a kiss from a girl!" He cried. "Hey! what about you?" He pointed at Kylie. Kylie shrieked "EEWWWWWW GGGRROOSSS!!!" Leo set his pants on fire and growled, "She's taken."
Charles screamed because most likely, his nuts were being burned to death. He ran to the lake at full speed and jumped in. But he didn't come out. Kylie and Percy looked at each other.
"Ugh fine I'll do it." Kylie sighed. We all ran to the lake, except for Kylie. She went IN it. Couple minutes later, they both came out. Kylie struggled to hold him up.
"Jeez, this dude is heavy!" She screamed.
"Tyson help baby sister!" Tyson picked up Charles and placed him on the floor.
"Girls! He needs mouth to mouth!" Percy cried. "Hey Kylie, Truth or Dare." Percy smirked. Seriously Percy!


Kylie's POV

"Dare." I said. I knew it was pretty stupid, since a boy was practically dying, but I couldn't resist.
"I dare you to give Charles over here, mouth to mouth until he is conscious." He grinned. WHAT!!!! NO FREAKING WAY!! I glanced at Leo. He jumped in front of me in a protectively fashion.
"There is no way, MY girlfriend is going to do that! The ONLY person she's allowed to kiss, is ME! Hey, why don't you get Annabeth I do it!" He screamed
"Because I dared Kylie to do it!"Percy made a didn't you just listen to what I said before face.
"I'm not kissing a little old troll! I cried.
"First of all, he's taller than you. Second, what are you, scared?!" Percy yelled. Me! Scared! Out of all people Percy should know that. I don't get scared. I barely know the definition of it!
"You should know by now, I don't get scared." I growled.
"Then why won't you do it!?" He screamed.
"Because I'm not going to kiss a ugly troll." I said trying not to unleash my temper. Percy started doing a chicken dance and started making chicken noises.
"KYLIE'S A CHICKEN! BWAK BWAK BWWAAAKKK! HEY EVERYBODY! KYLIE'S A CHICKEN!" He bellowed. Everyone outside of they're cabins ran over to see what was going on. Great. Just great. Exactly what I needed. Just my luck.
"I'm not a chicken!" I squeaked. I balled my fists about to punch Percy in the face.
"Then do the dare!" He screamed. "Unless your afraid." He grinned. Everyone that was surrounding us started cracking up. I hate it when that happens! Almost all of Camp Half Blood was watching us, except for Chiron and Mr. D.
"Fine!" I squeaked.
"Yes! Victory! Finally!" Percy was getting high fives from everyone behind him. I walked up to the troll. Oops. I mean 'guy'. I sat down next to him. I looked up.
"Sorry Leo!" I cried. Leo was so mad, his nose was on fire. He tapped it out, so no one else could notice. I picked up his ugly head, and braced myself for the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I kissed it. Oops I mean him. I breathed in and out to make him breathe. I tried not to vomit. I was almost gonna do it. I closed my eyes and pretended to be doing it to Leo. It worked out fine.
"Umm..Kylie..." Percy said. I opened my eyes. Oh... My... Gods... he was awake! I stopped and lifted my head up. I was still sitting next to him, shocked. He sat up, grabbed me, and with all his strength made us kiss even more. I tried to get away, but he wrapped his arms around me so tight I thought my eyes were gonna pop out!
"I'm gonna KILL YOU!" Leo screamed. It took literally 26 people to hold him back. Charles finally stopped. We were still sitting next to each other. He put up his fingers in a call me way. I screamed in horror of what just happened. I.. Just kissed.. a pervert...
"There's more where that came from babe." He tried to grab me again. I started backing up.
"Come on babe, just one more kiss!" He looked sad.
"IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!! SHES MINE!!!" Leo bellowed. 17 more people came to hold him back.
"Get back!" I squeaked. My voice was even more high pitched than ever.
"Babe, c'mon! One more!" He demanded.
"No! Get away!" I backed up even more. Just then, Drew stepped out of the crowd. Just great. My worst enemy.
"Kylie. Charles is now your new boyfriend. You and Leo aren't together anymore. You will be MADLY in love with Charles. You will do whatever Charles says. Got it?" She used charmspeak.
Oh no. Charmspeak! I suddenly feel hypnotized.
"I got it." I muttered. She looked pleased with herself and left.
"Babe, one more ki-" I didn't even let him finish. I jumped onto him and kissed him. Not once, not twice, but like twenty.
"DREW!" Piper screamed. Wonder what's up with her.
"CHARLES! AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!" Leo bellowed. Wait. His girlfriend? I'm Charles' girlfriend. NOT his. Leo broke free from the people who were holding him back, and charged at my Cuddle Bear. I jumped in front of Charles to protect him. Leo stopped. He started shaking my shoulders.
"Kylie! I'm your real boyfriend! Get away from that troll!" Leo cried.
"Stop touching me! I'm not your girlfriend! I'm his!" I pointed at Charles. "Besides, he's not a troll! He's a handsome boy, and he's my.. CUDDLE BEAR!" I cried.
"You okay Kylie?" Percy asked.
"Of course, I'm just maaddllyyy inn llooovvvveeee." I answered.
"There's something wrong with her. She is NEVER like this. She despises this actually." Percy seemed worried.
"Awww babe can I play Truth or Dare with you and your friends?" Cuddle Bear asked. (Cuddle Bear is Charles)
"Of course!" I kissed his cheek.
"That should've been mine!" Leo shrieked. I held my cuddle bear's hand, and walked back to Cabin 3. We both sat down together. But he motioned me to sit on his lap. I did it obeyingly.
"I'm gonna let my Cuddle Bear go for me." I said. He kissed my cheek.
"Kylie. Charles isn't your boyfriend. Leo is." Piper said.
"Okay sure. And Jason is a son of Santa Clause." I sarcastically said.
"I knew it!" Jason jokes
"Leo. Truth or Dare?" My Cuddle Bear asked.

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