Nico and Annabeth!!

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Nico's POV

"Hey, death breath. Truth or dare?" Leo asked
I'm not stupid. I learned my lesson for playing truth or dare with Leo before.
"Truth" I said firmly
"Baby. O.K. Let's see. What was the worst thing you ever done?" He said
I thought about it. I glanced over at Percy.
"When I got Percy locked up in jail because of my dad. I didn't know he was gonna do that! Besides, Percy's out now..." I say
"Bad bad bad Nico." Travis says
"O.K. Annabeth. Truth or Dare." I asked

Annabeth's POV
"I dare you..... Act like a dumb blonde until I say you can stop."
WHAT!!!! There is no way I can do that! But then again, I don't want people to see my underwear and stuff, so I have to. :(
"Annabeth. Is the Grand Canyon made out of steel?" Connor asked
That's so easy! It's the sedimentary rock! I bit my lip not to say it though.
"No." I said "It's made out of candy!" I cried
My mom is going to be sooooo mad!!!
"O.K. Percy Truth or Dare."
"Have you kissed Rachael?"
"Busted." Someone said
He hesitated "Yes..." He muttered
I crossed my arms. It's not like I'm going to be mad forever, but I can read emotions. I know that Rachael still likes Percy. From Percy's face, he either, A. suspects I know, or B. Still likes her. At least she's an Oracle, and Oracles aren't supposed to date. Thank you Aphrodite! I'm not mad at Percy, but totally mad at Rachael. I mean, she knew I liked him!
"Annabeth.." Piper said.
Oh. That woke me out I my deep thought. There was a knock on the door.
"Come in." Percy said
Just then, the redheaded girl walked in. No! Just great.
"Whatcha doing?" Rachael asked
"Playing Truth or Dare. Want to play?" Leo answered. I glared at him. Obviously I was mad at her. Leo winked at me. Like he had some type of plan or something. If anything, I should be making the plans here. Hello, daughter of wisdom/battle strategy in the house! Well more like cabin.

I know your wondering why I took so long for such a short chapter. Well in my defense, I was way to busy making a Leo love story. Sorry!😁

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