<3 Leo and Piper!

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Leo's POV

I'm going to KILL Charles. Taking MY girlfriend. No way. Not going to happen. I just need a way to get the charmspeak off her.
"Leo. Truth or Dare?" Charles asked me.
"Dare." I said firmly.
"I dare you to..." He motioned Kylie off him and came over to whisper in my ear.
"Go wear a dress from the Aphrodite cabin." He whispered.
"I hate you." I whispered back. He grinned. I walked to the Aphrodite cabin and knocked on the door.
"What do you want?" Drew poked her head through the door.
"Um, I need a dress." I said. He tilted her head in confusion.
"For you?" She asked.
"Oh no! Course not!" I lied. "It's for Kylie!" She smiled.
"Oh my Gods she's going to finally wear a dress!" Drew shrieked. "Wait here." She ran inside and got a blue sparkly dress and handed it to me.
"Bye!" She waved "Make your you send me the pictures!"
"Alright." I waved. I walked to Cabin 3, but ran into the bathroom. I pulled off Kylie's clothes and (yes he still has it on) put on the dress. I walked out, and everyone was laughing. I feel so embarrassed. I sat in my spot.
"Piper. Truth or Dare?" I asked.
"Dare." She replied. I jumped up and walked over to her.
"Help me break Drew's charmspeak on Kylie. Now don't act like I told you to do this. Do something and say it was a dare." I asked desperately. I really love Kylie. And it pains me to see a ugly dude take her away from me, and I can't do a THING about it. It breaks my heart.

Piper's POV

"Okay." I responded. I thought of something really quickly. I walked outside the cabin and screamed outside as loud as I can, "I'M A POTATO!" everyone laughed. I've got to admit, it was pretty funny. So I laughed along with everybody.
"Kylie. Truth or Dare?" I asked her.
"Dare." She replied.
"I dare you to kiss Leo." I said. She stared at me shocked. She looked over to Charles who whispered something in her ear. She nodded and got up to walk over to Leo. They kissed. For a second, her eyes were wide, like she remembered something. But, then they went back to they're normal size. She stood up and screamed "EEEWWWW!!!! CUDDLE BEAR! HURRY AND KISS ME!!!" She ran on top of him and they made out. For a while. Gross. Kylie would be the only one to NEVER do that. It was like they were eating each other. Well, none of us should be talking. Except for Thalia, Nico, and Leo.
"Kylie. A word with you? Privately." I motioned her outside the cabin.
"Sure. But can Cuddle Bear come?" She made a puppy dog face. She makes the cutest one I've ever seen, but I said no.
"So, yea?" She asked.
"Okay. So, go you like Leo? Or have you ever liked him?"
"Uh, yea. It was before me and Cuddle Bear started dating. We started dating because I saved him from drowning, and Percy dared me to give him mouth to mouth. I did. And then.... Something happened. I'm really not sure what happened because it's fuzzy now." She said.
"Drew charmspeaked you into dating Charles!"
"No... Percy dared me to give him mouth to mouth."
"Kylie. Do you honestly, think you would look good as Charlie or Keo."
"Well, Keo but those are just 1 names combined, and 2, it depends on who you love."
"But you are supposed to love Leo! Don't you remember?! Don't you remember being a tomboy, and switching clothes with Leo, and-"
"Wait. These are Leo's clothes? Oh yea, now I'm starting to remember. Jason dared him to kiss his crush and switch clothes with her. I remember liking it." She turned her head away. Probably to keep me from seeing her blush.
"But I'm dating Charles..."
"No, Drew tricked you into dating him with charmspeak. She EXACTLY said, "Kylie. Charles is now your new boyfriend. You and Leo aren't together anymore. You will be MADLY in love with Charles. You will do whatever Charles says. Got it?"
"Now I remember." She made a shocked face. "EEEWWWW! I REMEMBER KISSING HIM! A LOT! AND ME CALLING HIM.." She paused for a bit and started to gag. "C-C-C-Cuddle Bear." She started whipping her tongue. Hehe. Classic Kylie.
"C'mon let's get payback." I told her a plan. She really hates it, but it's her fault for being stubborn. But I'm still gonna owe her big time. We both walked into the cabin. Leo looked up from his hands. He wasn't crying, he just buried his face in his hands. He mouthed 'Did it work?' I mouthed back 'No.' I'm sorry but if he knew the plan, it's not going to work. The rest is up to Kylie. Hopefully, she learned her lesson from being stubborn. Yep. That's the Poseidon kids. Subborn. Just like their father. They practically invented the word stubborn!

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