New people! & Leo!

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YAYYY! I FINALLY UPDATED!!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY! :'( Do you forgive me!?Also, Thank you bubbagirl5 for this truth! Oh and your welcome (you know who you are) because I kept my promise!

Hazel's POV

I walked out of the Pluto cabin. Oops. I mean Hades. I always get them mixed up. I heard a high pitched scream coming out of the Poseidon cabin. Natrully, I ran to it. I opened the door, and saw all my friends sitting in a circle. INCLUDING Frank! Thank you for telling me.
"Hey Hazel!" Frank called.
"Want to play?" Percy asked. I nodded my head and sat down next to Frank. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it playfully. I gave him a smile in return.
"Hazel. Truth or Dare." Piper asked me.
"Truth." I didn't want anything bad happening to me. I prefer staying alive than being dead again.
"Do you like Percy?" She winked at me.
"Yes." I said in a small voice.
"WHAT!?" Frank screamed and let go of my hand.
"But, I like you too Frank!" I yelped.
"BUT YOU LIKE PERCY!" He screamed.
"As a brother! As a friend! He's like a brother to me! I love you Frank!" I shrieked. He sighed in relief.
"I love you too Hazel." He smiled.
"Awww! Kiss!" Piper shrieked. I didn't want to give Piper what she wanted, so I just stared at Frank's eyes. His beautiful brown eyes. Then, I felt a hand on my back. The hand pushed me into Frank, and Frank got pushed into me too. We both kissed. I was about to break apart, when my hands wrapped around his neck. He followed my example and wrapped his hands around my waist.
"AWWW!" Piper shrieked. I rolled my eyes and deepened the kiss. Wow. We broke apart after what seemed like forever. I grabbed his hand and held it. I turned to face my friends.
"Who pushed me into him?" I asked them. They all stayed quiet.
"Yea! Who pushed me into her?" Frank asked. They all still stayed quiet.
"It was Leo!" Percy cried.
"And Kylie!" Annabeth cried. They both glared at them and turned to us.
"Oh really?" I questioned.
"Hehe." Leo put his hand on the back of his head.
"Leo made me!" Kylie pointed at him. I rolled my eyes.
"Alright then. Leo truth or Dare." I smiled mischievously. And that's something I never do.

Leo's POV

Nikegrl thank you for this one!!! It's awesome!

"Uhhh... Dare." I said. I didn't want to be afraid.
"I dare you to kiss Clarrisse for 15 seconds!" She cried.
"WHAT! SHE'LL KILL ME!" I shrieked.
"That's the point." Hazel smiled.
"Your toast." Percy laughed.
"NO WAY!" Kylie shrieked.
"He has to. It's a Dare." Frank grinned.
"Yea. A Dare's a Dare." Jason laughed.
"While he's there, I'M going to kill YOU!" She took out TideRip. (RipTide backwards. I know. LAME! I couldn't think of another swords name) I glared at them and stood up. I ran to Clarrisse's cabin and knocked on the door. She opened it.
"What do you want, punk." She glared. I grabbed her shoulders and kissed her. But, you know what she did? She grabbed ME and deepened it! She kept poking my mouth with her TONGUE! NASTY! The 15 seconds were up. I tried to break apart but she has a strong grip! We broke apart when we needed air.
"YUCK!" I shrieked.
"Call me." She said dreamily and did the sign with her hand. I gagged. And ran back to the cabin.
"Dude. You took 10 minutes. What happened!?" Jason asked. I ignored the question and ran to the bathroom. I got mouth wash, and washed out my mouth with the entire thing! I sat next to Kylie and twirled her hair.
"Leo. Truth or Dare." Piper asked. I'm sick of Dares. LITERALLY.
"Truth." I moaned.
"How come you took so long?" She asked.
"Uhh... After the 15 seconds were up.." I stayed quiet.
"Clarrisse grabbed me and kissed me for a longer time." I muttered.
"What?" Percy asked.
"Clarrisse grabbed me and kissed me for a longer time." I muttered a little louder.
"WHAT!?" Frank joked.
"Clarrisse grabbed me and kissed me for a longer time!" I screamed.
"WAIT, WHAT!?" Kylie yelped and pushed me away from her.
"It's not my fault the girl has a strong grip!" I said.
"I'm going to kill that girl." Kylie murmured a little to loud. She stood up, took out TideRip again, and started walking to the door.
"NO!" Percy tackled her.
"OFF!" She kicked his face and he let go.
"That thing, messed with MY man!" She shrieked. We all dog piled her.
"Kylie, don't!" I warned. She calmed down and stayed quiet.
"Kylie?" Piper asked. She stayed quiet.
"Kylie!" Hazel cried.
"C-c-crushing..... Me..." She moaned.
"Oh Gods!" Annabeth shrieked as we all got off her. Percy gave her some ambrosia cubes.
"We shouldn't have dog piled her!" Percy screamed.
"But, now, at least I can do this." He grinned and squeezed her cheeks.
"Awww! Such chubby cheeks!" He laughed.
"Percy. I'm going to kill you." She muttered.

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