The three boys found themselves stuck in a heavy storm. Their clothes were wet and it was dark. The leader was at the top of the line, the other two followed him. He was leading the way since he knew the path already, the other two had trouble with remembering the way back.

"Man... I told you it was going to rain." One of the two said. The leader rolled his eyes.

"Shut up." He demanded. He stopped walking and the other two did the same. He raised a hand and made a gesture to keep them quiet, they obeyed.

"What is it?" One of the two asked.

"Shh." He insisted.

"Mats, come on... What is it?" The other asked. Mats rolled his eyes again and looked back to them and looked at them angrily.

"I heard something." He said. The other two looked at each other and frowned.

"We didn't heard anything- Suddenly they all heard it. It was something moving, more like crawling.

"This way." Mats said. The others were terrified of what could possibly be that noise so they stayed still and didn't followed him. Mats walked around and suddenly his eyes fell on a tree. He froze and swallowed hard.

It was a jersey, hanging on the tree. He ran quickly towards it and held it in his hands, it was a Müller's jersey and it had a message on it. He read it quickly before the drops of water erased the message.

"Mats? Are you okay?" He heard.

"Yeah Kev, I'll be there in a minute." He yelled and without moving this spot he looked around to see if could find a clue about Müller but there wasn't. It was only the shirt with the message that was now washed away because of the rain.

"I arrived just in time." He whispered himself. "Mats?" He heard Kevin yelling again, he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"I said I am coming!" He exclaimed and returned to the boys. When he arrived he only saw Kevin, he frowned and sighed loudly.

"Where is Ben?" He asked, Keving shrugged. "He's looking for you, you didn't see it in your way back?" Kevin asked a bit nervous. Mats shook his head.

"Really? What if something bad happened to him?" Kevin asked looking around.

"Come on... He could have not go that far." Mats said looking around. The night was darker now and they could barely see now.

"BENNII!" Kevin started yelling, to see if they could find Benedikt but there was no response.

"I think we should go back, let's go." Mats said. Kevin opened his eyes widely and froze.

"Are you serious?" He asked confused. Mats stopped walking and turned around to face Kevin, he was standing on top of a rock so he looked taller than Kevin.

"I am." He said serious now. "There's a worst storm coming in any minute and if we don't go back to the refuge right now we can die from a cold. Kevin swallowed hard and looked down. He was right but Benni was their friend, they can't just leave.

"I know. But we need to wait for him. He doesn't know the way back, you know." He said. Mats sighed loudly and shook his head in disagreement.

"Well. I am sorry but I am not staying in here." He said and turned around. Kevin stayed there unsure of what to do. The nights terrified him, he was a coward and he wasn't ashamed of admit it. This island brought the worst of him, especially at night. Even if Mats was wrong, he felt safe with him, in some way, he knew how to do the things Keving couldn't do.

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