"I feel better today." Bastian said moving his legs.

I grabbed a plastic glass and brought Bastian water, from the waterfall. He cleaned his wounds.

"Danke." He said, I nodded.

"No problem." I replied.

"Are we going out today as well?" Shkodran asked while washing his face. I nodded.

"We must, everyday." I said looking for a clean shirt for myself.

"Why?" Bastian asked.

"It's dangerous." He added looking at me confused.

Boa looked at me and moved his head aside. I wonder what if he thinking.

"Even if I hate to agree with this jackass, he's right about this." He said.

"I know you both are right, but what if there's someone outside who needs our help? Or water? We have plenty water, I mean, literally a waterfall. We even set a camp - Boa and I made "walls" putting together a lot of sticks and leaves - We have a ceiling to protects ourselves from the sun at least-" Bastian didn't let me finish.

"And makeup, we have plenty makeup if we want to look pretty for the party." Bastian added pointing to the purses we had, the rest laughed.

"I am being serious." I said, they shut.

"He's right. I am going with you." Shkodran said.

"Thank you." I replied.

"I am going with you today." André added.

"Great, the merrier the better." I said.

"I'll stay to watch this dumbass to not eat all the food." Boa said taking a seat next to Bastian. Bastian rolled his eyes.

"I think they need you more." Bastian said.

"Nein, you'll miss me." Boa said and winked.

I laughed.

"Let's eat something and get on our way." I said, the boys nodded and we sat around to eat the fruit we found.

"What about the berries?" Bastian asked. I looked at them.

"What about it?" I asked back.

"Are we gonna eat them?" Bastian asked.

I nodded.

"When?" He asked.

"Later." André replied to him.

"Shut up, I am not talking to you-

"Shut YOU up-

"Guys, guys!" Boa started.

"Why you want to ruin our camp-

"I am not trying to ruin anything, I am just starving-

"We need to save the food because-

"I don't care, what if we die today-

"Stop being so negative you dead ass-

"Fucking cunt, you'll regret this, wait until I can walk again-

"Yeah I am scared, look how I tremble-

We looked at each others, Boa, Shkodran and me and rolled our eyes.

"ENOUGH!" Boa shouted. They both shut their mouths.

"You look like two kids. Grow up!" He exclaimed.

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