love not lost | trapp ✓ by bentalebs
love not lost | trapp ✓by afiah
kevin trapp -- hope was my only reason left.
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Football Imagines by soccerlyfe1422
Football Imaginesby soccerlyfe1422
Please message me request. I can do any player in any league❤️
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Instagram \ Dele Alli by brandtt
Instagram \ Dele Alliby gabby
hello welcome i'm not a good writer yes I'm an arsenal fan writing about dele yes I disappoint myself ps there is zero plot line in this book it's just me writing for fu...
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confianza | trapp & neymar by kevintrapped
confianza | trapp & neymarby ╰ nabs ╮// hiatus!
in which neymar is the reason why a certain relationship is broken or in which kevin gets betrayed by his bestfriend and girlfriend that he once loved too much ▷ ONGOING...
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I'm in love with a monster |Julian Draxler [completed] by kimmichenthusiast
I'm in love with a monster | JoshuaKimmich
And didn't you know Julian that monsters live inside of us ?
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Charming neighbour •Roman Bürki• by Juliee_fcbvb
Charming neighbour •Roman Bürki•by Julie
He is her neighbour. When she meets him the first time, she's in awe, speechless. What if they belong together? But what happens when there's too much pressure? Won't he...
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Boss / Julian Draxler (Sequel to I'm in love with a monster) [completed] by kimmichenthusiast
Boss / Julian Draxler (Sequel to JoshuaKimmich
- You tried, didn't you ? But not even your daughter listens to what you've got to say. - You'll do though. - And what makes you think so ? - The fact that I'm your boss.
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ever after | draxler + trapp ✓ by bentalebs
ever after | draxler + trapp ✓by afiah
julian draxler + kevin trapp -- do you believe in happy endings? [sequel to love not lost]
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❝ OUR CATS ARE STARTING A FAMILY TOGETHER. SO WHAT DOES THAT MAKE US? ❞ [ football fanfiction: ongoing ] [ kevin trapp x female oc ] © bellerins [ 2018 - ]
  • trapp
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Stuck - Germany NT Fanfic by footballcrown
Stuck - Germany NT Fanficby footballcrown
Germany NT travels to Oceania to play a friendly against Australia and the plane crashes in the middle of the flight. Status: Complete Please do not steal my stories, le...
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Football Oneshots by PhilandBobby
Football Oneshotsby Brazilian Magicians
You request what happens and with who and I'll write it. I don't do smut, though, so sorry about that. [As of 11/8, requests are OPEN]
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California | K. Trapp by gabyemboaba
California | K. Trappby Gaby 💛
I met her in California. I fell in love with her in California. Everything happened in California. 10/09/16
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football preferences by bayerns-
football preferencesby eva
Picture preferences; featuring Morata, De Gea, Dybala, Draxler, Martínez, Trapp, Goretzka and Can.
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