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We got back to the place where Bastian and Boa were. When they saw me coming back with two other people they started screaming and laughing.

"MEIN GOTT!" Boa exclaimed running towards us to hug Shkodran and André.

"I KNEW A SCUMBAG LIKE YOU WOULDN'T DIE!" Shkodran yelled at Bastian and we all laughed.

"Have you seen anyone else?" Boa asked them but they looked at each other in an awkward way.

"What?" I asked concerned.

"We saw- André swallowed hard.

"We saw a body, I am pretty sure it was a girl." Shkodran said. We all looked at each other.

"A flight attendant?" Bastian asked but they shrugged.

"Maybe was doctor's assistant." Boa said.

"Where was this?" I asked.

"I honestly don't know. I woke up in some kind of rock but there was only me. I found André a couple of hours after and we walked about 45 minutes and saw blood- Shkodran shook his head like trying to forget that awful memory.

"And...?" Bastian asked moving his head.

"We saw a dead body, near a tree." André said.

"It was surrounded by shrubbery." Shkodran added swallowing hard.

"Did you saw her face?" Boa asked but they shook their heads.

"Why?" I asked.

"It was a dead body man, it was creepy." André said.

And yes, maybe they were right but we are on a situation in which we have to know who is alive and who isn't.

"We must go there-

"Are you crazy- Bastian started.

"Of course not. We need to know who it was!" I exclaimed.

They all looked at each other, unsure because of what I just said. We need to know who that girl was so we can tell how many of us are still alive. It is a rule by implication, that simple.

"I am going." I said.

"I'll go with you." Shkodran said.

"Me too." Boa said.

"Yeah you guys go. I am not moving this site." André added taking a seat next to Bastian.

"Yeah good luck with those dead bodies." He said frowning.

I rolled my eyes at them.

"We'll go first time in the morning, it's getting dark now." Boa said and I nodded.

He was right. I bet it must have been around 5 pm because you could see the dawn on the sky. Under normal situation that must have looked beautiful to my eyes, but right now, is the scariest thing ever.


I felt something moving near me. I woke up immediately and the cold breeze hit me on the face. I opened my eyes widely since the leaves of the tree that was in front of me. Started shaking progressively. I stood up and looked around. The boys were sleeping. Boa was leaning against a tree, André and Bastian were leaning of their backs, half sitting and Shkodran was next to me, resting his head on the girl's bag they found.

The leaves shook again and I felt my heart racing. We've been here for three days and the nights are surely the worst thing ever. Even tho I try to look tough, I get scared easily, especially at night.

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