Haphazardly | leon goretzka by goretzkagod
Haphazardly | leon goretzkaby maria
COMPLETED | He wasn't looking for anyone in particular; just a body to lay next to him that night. She was a traveler, exploring the city of Munich with her sister and c...
  • schalke
  • munich
  • soccer
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bayern munich groupchat by matsshummels
bayern munich groupchatby matsshummels
a team full of full of idiots not realising that they added the wrong person
  • english
  • thomas
  • martiguez
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rowena! ( robert lewandowski. ) by -yoojungs
rowena! ( robert lewandowski. )by ˗ˏˋdixie ˎˊ˗
she was rowena; a femme fatale, a goddess. she was a queen and a thief of hearts in her righteous ways [ © 2016 YUUKHEIS ]
  • romance
  • lewandowski
  • germany
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Die Mannschaft Preferences by ty_bvb
Die Mannschaft Preferencesby ty_bvb
Picture Preferences of the German National Team told through Instagram Posts ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Manuel Neuer ⭐Kevin Trapp ⭐Mats Hummels ⭐Joshua Kimmich ⭐...
  • diemannschaft
  • instagram
  • preferences
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INSTAGRAM ↝ P. DYBALA by flvshbacks
in which they fell in love on instagram. ↝ @paulodybala started following you.
  • paulo
  • bayernmunich
  • dybala
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Football Groupchat  by boreussadortmund
Football Groupchat by boreussadortmund
in which professional football players act like a bunch of teenagers or that time Geri got that fantastic idea to unite the football clubs in one huge, chaotic groupchat
  • lionelmessi
  • antoinegriezman
  • realmadrid
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FOOTBALL ➛ boyfriend scenarios by zlajas
FOOTBALL ➛ boyfriend scenariosby all is new ✨
REQUESTS | CLOSED What would it be like to be in a relationship with our favorite football players? ©zlajas | 2017
  • footballplayers
  • imagine
  • footballimagines
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forever | t. alcantara ✔ by futbolbabes
forever | t. alcantara ✔by blaugrana
"even if we are two blocks away, or thousand miles apart, i will always love you, my forever." |short story| published - 21 June 2018 completed - 26 June 2018
  • fcbarcelona
  • barcelona
  • germany
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Footballer Imagines  by stephymessi
Footballer Imagines by Stephy ✌
• Requests are OPEN but read the most recent part about request before you put one in! • frequent updates at least twice a week
  • bundesliga
  • leagueun
  • barcelona
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NAKED◦ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI [1] by jesselingards
❝I guess you just like to see me naked. ❝ ❝Well, you guessed wrong.❝ In which Aurora, a student in the university of arts in Germany, meets an arrogant, cocky guy only w...
  • soccer
  • love
  • poland
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football one shots by sablinova
football one shotsby probably sleeping
A collection of short stories about football players. I usually forget requests so make one at your own risk.
  • isco
  • lukamodric
  • footballfanfic
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Is Kroos perfection real ? by KroozilPerfect108
Is Kroos perfection real ?by Justine.K (ÖD)
Cover par la magnifique Ellysabellassia ❤️❤️ T es la meilleure Joshua Kimmich a presque tout pour être heureux... Après 2 ans d'effort, il a enfin réussi à faire succom...
  • joshuakimmich
  • complication
  • diemannschaft
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Eight » T. Alcántara ✓ by avgsilva
Eight » T. Alcántara ✓by saudade
"You're 18 and I'm 26, and I'm in love with you, Constanze. And what people think about that is not gonna change my feelings a bit." September 2017┊November 20...
  • alcantara
  • thiagoalcantara
  • bakery
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Nine » T. Alcántara ✓ by avgsilva
Nine » T. Alcántara ✓by saudade
"Shut up, Constanze, you are not the problem, my mom is, and all the people saying that this is disgusting-or whatever-are the problem. But not you, because you mak...
  • muller
  • bayernmunich
  • thiagoalcantara
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Fame.| Manuel Neuer Fanfiction by FCBayernMunichBoys
Fame.| Manuel Neuer Fanfictionby FC Bayern Munich Boys
*Ranked #1 Manuel Neuer Fanfiction on Wattpad in May, 2018* Isabella Krause is a professional skier who represented Germany at the Sochi and Pyeongchang Olympics. Manuel...
  • football
  • german
  • muller
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football preferences by kovacics
football preferencesby tyra
This story will feature: Neymar Eden Hazard Cristiano Ronaldo Robert Lewandowski Lionel Messi Paulo Dybala [note; when i mean football i mean soccer like the premier le...
  • robertlewandowski
  • football
  • soccer
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magic | imagines by ikercasillias-
magic | imaginesby DORIEN
" I CALL IT MAGIC, WHEN I'M WITH YOU." © ikercasillias-
  • bvb
  • griezmann
  • neymarjr
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state of grace ✦ leon goretzka by dieborussen
state of grace ✦ leon goretzkaby kat
COMPLETED | ❝i think that we're trapped in a cliché, where the handsome, physically broken boy pines for the internally broken girl that refuses to love. so yes, this al...
  • goretzka
  • gelsenkirchen
  • schalke
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Borrowed by ashleyyy14xoxo
Borrowedby Ashley
I don't want to give you back, but you're borrowed.
  • realmadrid
  • soccer
  • rodriguez
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♥️Footballer imagines♥️ by aalwayssadd
♥️Footballer imagines♥️by Crybaby☔️💜
[REQUESTS OPEN NOW] Short stories on all your favourite footballers🥳❤️
  • realmadrid
  • intermilan
  • everton
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