I opened my eyes and the sun almost blinded me, it was coming from the window. I stood slowly since I had a bit of headache probably because of all the work we did yesterday and the day before and the day before. I've been building this three house for weeks now and it's finally getting in shape. I peeked in the window and saw the beautiful view of the beach meters and meters away. It was beautiful I have to admit, but only sometimes.

I missed taking morning long baths, this was probably one of the things I missed the most. I looked around looking for him but did not see any trace of him.

"Doctor?" I asked but received no answer. I quickly change into a pink sweater, I assume was one of the girls who were on the plane. I felt stupid wearing it but I had no more clean clothes, I was just hoping today will rain so I can wash the rest of the clothes.

"Doctor?" I asked while walking a bit of the outside of the perimeter.

"Ah here, Erik?" I heard. I followed the voice and found the doctor sitting down with his legs extended and surrounded by a lot of dirt. I frowned.

"Good morning-

"Good morning indeed!" He exclaimed while reading something of a book. I moved my head aside.

"Ehmm... Excuse me but, what exactly are you doing?" I asked coming a bit closer but still carefully that I won't step into his work of art. He looked at me quickly thought his shattered glasses and smiled widely.

"I found gold." He said showing me a small green leaf. Is he serious? That doesn't look like gold to me.

"Hmm... I am sorry to break it into you doc but that is not gold at all." I said and he laughed out loud.

"It is. You see... This small green leaf mixed with a couple of other ones can make a very effective medicine, basically it acts as an antibiotic." He said.

"Woah, are you sure?" I asked kneeling down next to him.

"This – He said shaking a book in the air – is gold. I thought I lost it on the crash but I found it and it has pictures of the types of plants we need to cure most of diseases." He said.

"Okay...That is gold my friend." I said and we both laughed.

"Now I just need your help-

"Sure, anything." I said standing up and pulling my hands around my waist in clenched fists.

"I need you to find as much as leaves as you can, leaves that look exactly like this." He said handing me the small leaf. I looked into it and nodded.

"Perfect. I'll go for a run and see if I can find more coconuts on the way too." I said and he nodded.

"Very well and... Oh well... If it's not too much to ask... Can you tell Jamie's name sometime? I am pretty sure she must be terrified-

"Doc, I yell her name every time I go out but never receive answer. Are you sure she was... fine?" I asked and he nodded and a sad smiled crossed his mind because his face expression changed into a sad one.

"I would have looked for her you know? But with this – he said pointing to his legs, both – I can't walk Erik." He said with glassy eyes. I nodded pressing my lips.

"I'll try to find her. I am sure she's alright." I said and we both nodded. I grabbed a bottle of water and a pack of peanuts from the food I found of the plane and did my way out with a backpack and sunglasses.

I walked for around three hours, for the usual road I take on mornings. I know this path well now, it feels like I've been here forever even though we've been here only for a month now. I found three coconuts on my way, saved them on my backpack and kept walking.

Since it was almost noon I decided to go and fish at the beach. I've made a couple of spears out of the wood of the threes and I walked to the water. I took off my boots and deepen my legs in the now cold water. The water was seriously beautiful, almost like that crystalline water you see on tv. It reminded me that time I went with my family to Punta Cana. I waited for a few minutes until a couple of fishes came down to my feet. I heard something moving back on the threes. I turned around and looked there and saw a shadow. I froze and narrowed my eyes to see better but the shadow went away.

"That must be a hawk or something." I whispered myself.

I stayed really still and after a few second I threw the spear, I only got one of the fishes but I walked a bit away from that spot and waited again, soon I caught two more.

I decided to make a small fire and cook the fish since I needed a bit of strength to keep up. I ate the fish and drank some water, I washed my hands on the ocean and kept walking deep the jungle. I've marked the places I've been with some of the red lipstick I found in one of the suitcases, the same one where I got this pink sweater I am wearing now.

I decided to take another route a new one, this route I've been wanting to take it since a few days but since the sun was high I knew I had plenty time to take it, maybe I can look for Jaime in here, maybe she was here or even one of the boys.

"Jamie!?" I exclaimed as I walked slowly to the unknown territory. It was really humid the atmosphere in here, that kind of heat that sticks to your skin. I felt the drops of sweat running down my back and neck.

"Jamie!?" I exclaimed again, taking extreme care of every step I took, the fewer things I need now is getting injured.

"Anyone!?" I asked but again, I received no answer. Just when I was about to give up I narrowed my eyes and saw something red on the distance. I felt my heart racing and forgot about injuries and everything, I ran quickly like there was no tomorrow. Once I arrived the place my face and heart dropped.

I took my hands to my mouth to retain the needs to vomit. I looked away and felt immediately an intense pain on my chest. This can't be real.

I turned around again and felt chills down my spine. There was the dead body of someone. The flesh was rotten and was mixed with dirt and dead branches. The face was a bit smashed but I could recognize it still.

"Ilkay." I found myself whispering to myself. I knelt down to get a better look of him and saw a small scar on his neck. I frowned. I moved the leaf that was covering it and the scar grew bigger. It was a big scar placed across all his neck. I stood quickly and took a couple of steps back. I couldn't believe it.

"He was murdered." I whispered in horror.


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