Note: All characters, names, situations are fictitious.



He was sleeping peacefully with his hands resting on each side of his tights. I was sitting on the ground holding one of his hands, it was cold. I sighed and looked at his watch, it marked 3:15 p.m. I saw his chest moving in slow motion, up and down. At least he's alive and that is all that matters to me. Since we arrived two days ago, the doctor has been giving Marco the medicine three times a day and even though he is unconscious, he looks way better than before. He even has a bit of color on his cheeks now.

I just wanted him to be okay, alive and well. I missed him so much, he was my best friend in the whole world and I cannot picture a life without him, at least not right now. I closed my eyes and started praying, and this is something I never do but it felt necessary given the circumstances. My prayers were somehow interrupted by a sweaty Mesut storming into Marco's room.

"Erik's awake." He said. I opened my eyes in surprise and smiled widely. I am happy to know that our friend is well.

"That's great!" I exclaimed, Mesut nodded. "Are you coming?" He asked. I looked down at Marco and sighed.

"I don't want to leave him alone." I said, Mesut looked at Marco too and smiled.

"I'll stay with him." He said walking towards me, I looked at him and he nodded in reassurance.

"Okay. I'll go quickly." I said as I stood from the ground, I saw Mesut sitting were I was. I looked glanced one more time at Marco before I walked towards Erik's room. Just when I was about to enter I heard him talking so I stopped outside and listened.

"Did you followed him?" Erik asked.

"Are you serious Toni?" Erik asked again. I couldn't see what were Toni expressions at this point.

"I... I don't know. What happened out there?" Toni said.

"It was Mats. He... He killed Ilkay and he was going to kill me yesterday night as well." Erik said. I felt my heart racing. I took a step closer to listen better.

"What?" Toni asked confused.

"He was stealing food and-

"No, I mean... Ilkay? He killed him?" Toni asked again.

"I thought that maybe I was wrong but I found his wedding ring on the scene and once I confronted him I knew it." Erik answered. I sighed.

Yesterday night, when Erik was attacked I heard some screaming from him and I stepped outside Marco's room just in time to see someone running, and now that I think about it, I am 100% sure it was Mats, his hair looked longer than before and he looked skinnier but it was definitely him.

"But did he admit it?" Toni asked Erik.

"It wasn't necessary, he tried to kill me yesterday." Erik answered.

"Just because you thought you knew, doesn't mean he really killed him Erik. You can't just say that." Toni answered, a bit annoyed now.

"Fine. Believe whatever you want, but he killed him and he's going to kill all of us." Erik said.

"That's ridiculous. He's our teammate." Toni said to him. I decided to interrupt them. I entered the room and looked at them.

"I believe you." I said. Erik's eyes lit up and he started nodding.

"What are you talking about?" Toni who was standing now, looked at me.

"He's telling the truth. Yesterday when Erik was crying for help, I stepped outside Marco's room just in time to see Mats running away." I said. Toni's face fell and he started shaking his head.

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