"Müller?"I asked amazed.

Everyone shut up and looked at me, I felt all of their eyes on me but I kept looking at him. He stood slowly and entered our camp. He was wearing only a pair of shorts and a pair of tennis. His beard was ridiculously long so as his hair and he looked dirty.

"Reus?" He asked narrowing his eyes, like he almost didn't recognized me. I know we don't have a beauty salon in here, and that now we have out beards just a bit longer but we usually cut out hair and our beards with Loris' swiss knife, but apparently he didn't have one.

"Yes. It's me." I said walking slowly towards him. He blinked twice and then looked around, everyone was quiet and in shock.

"How are you alive?" I asked moving my hands slowly towards him.

"I...I – I have Mats." He whispered. His eyes looked crazy and wide opened.

Boa stood from the ground so did Mario and walked towards us.

"What did you said?" Mario asked.

"Guys... - Thomas started, looking at them in awe – you're alive too." He whispered.

"We are... Thomas and we're happy you are too." Boa said and he extended his arm to touch Thomas but he backed up really quickly and looked around.

I took a step back and dragged Mario with me. I was scared of the scene. Müller looked so different right now, he seemed... lost.

"Are you okay?" Mario asked Thomas but he looked at us confused.

"He... He said that you were dead." Thomas said.

"Who? Who said that? Mats said that?" Boa asked him, Thomas nodded.

"Where is he? You shouldn't be friends with him, the boy is crazy." Boa said. I suddenly saw Manuel and Toni standing next to us. Müller was walking slowly backwards. He was amazed of seeing us all together.

"Since when did you... You have been together?" He asked.

"A few weeks now." Manuel said.

"Thomas boy hey... Look at me." Boa said walking towards him." Have you seen Mats?" He asked like Thomas was a kid, he looked at Boa and nodded.

"I have him." He mumbled.

"What? What do you mean you have him?" I asked.

"He's my prisoner." He said and laughed.

"Oh man... He's mentally unbalanced." I heard Mesut whisper next to me and Mario. I punched his stomach to shut him up.

"Okay...? Where is he?" Toni asked.

"In my lair."He said and laughed. We all looked at each other in awe.

"Fine. Where is your lair?" Boa asked. Thomas opened his eyes widely and shook his head.

"Secret... Is a secret." He said nodding.

"Okay Thomas... Boy hey look at me. It's me Boa, remember?" Boa said and he nodded.

"We're teammates right? We play together in Bayern, remember? We're football players." He said and Müller froze for a second, he opened his eyes widely.

"Bayern." He whispered and suddenly he started singing the song. We all looked at each other. It was painful to see him in this state.

"Yeah yeah! That's the song, beautiful right?" Manuel said and Thomas nodded.

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