tumblr || reus by wukasz
tumblr || reusby nadezhda
two unlikely people meet each other through an unlikely website (this is the most cliché thing ever and i wrote it long ago pls don't read unless u want to)
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football one shots by sablinova
football one shotsby probably sleeping
A collection of short stories about football players. Requests are open.
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begin again [reus] by marcinhoe
begin again [reus]by aria reus ☀
"you be the moon I'll be the earth, and when we burst, we start over, oh darling, we begin again." sequel to settle down
  • worldcup
  • soccer
  • marco
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state of grace ✦ leon goretzka by dieborussen
state of grace ✦ leon goretzkaby kat❀
COMPLETED | ❝i think that we're trapped in a cliché, where the handsome, physically broken boy pines for the internally broken girl that refuses to love. so yes, this al...
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  • gelsenkirchen
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return ; m.reus [✓]  by haroldpolaroid
return ; m.reus [✓] by ✻
[completed] Maybe she helps Marco to love again and maybe... she's the one who helps him return back to the field. Highest rankings : #1 in REUS ...
  • football
  • reus
  • mariogötze
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101 things to be happy about | football by vaimes
101 things to be happy about | Marie
I love to make people laugh & love those who can make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably one of...
  • leomessi
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Impact | Reus by shortnessofbreath
Impact | Reusby Linnea
"Perhaps I miss your body against mine the most; the hugs, the kisses, the sex." [completed]
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capsize || durm by wukasz
capsize || durmby nadezhda
erik, you dumb boy
  • erikdurm
  • diemannschaft
  • deutschland
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Loving Someone | ... by Iukaszpiszczek
Loving Someone | th
piszczek; completed+ for you're not beside me, but within me.
  • thefootballproject
  • polishnt
  • gerwnt
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Erik Durm One Shots by footballcrown
Erik Durm One Shotsby footballcrown
A collection of Erik Durm's one shots written by me. Please do not steal my stories, let's respect the intellectual property. ©footballcrown
  • footballimagines
  • durm
  • germanynt
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Baking with footballers by vaimes
Baking with footballersby Marie
In which every footballer is trying to follow a recipe book
  • jamesrodriguez
  • lingard
  • bayernmunich
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enchanted » manuel neuer by weigls
enchanted » manuel neuerby alexa
In which Karlie is a flight risk with a fear of fallin' and Manuel's thoughts will echo her name until he sees her again.
  • bayern
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  • manuelneuer
Frida  | ✕ by Iukaszpiszczek
Frida | ✕by th
höwedes; discontinued+ they are the aimless, the broken, the hopeless; the last
  • germanynationalteam
  • germanynt
  • benedikthowedes
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insidious | football (hiatus) by bentalebs
insidious | football (hiatus)by afiah
horror au ↳ a seemingly harmless video game becomes a terrifying fight for survival [football ! interactive] [ON HIATUS] [warning ! contains dark themes, foul language a...
  • alternateuniverse
  • neymar
  • interactive
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Head or Heart? ➳ Leon Goretzka by mvrtjna
Head or Heart? ➳ Leon Goretzkaby Martina // マルテイナ
To follow your Head or Heart is a question that we often ask ourselves when we have to make an important decision. Very often, these elements are intended to go together...
  • footballer
  • date
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Drunk message - MR by kk-eleven
Drunk message - MRby Kashaf Farooq
"I didn't text you; vodka did" What happens when drunk Marco Reus sent by error a message to an unknown girl? And what if this girl is a big Borussia Dortmund...
  • mr11
  • marco
  • germanynt
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rants by avsensio
rantsby vivian
here's me talking about stuff
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