My heart stopped. Durm? Does that mean that he's alive? I couldn't help but feel happy inside me. Another teammate might be alive.

"Mesut.." I said.

He came and stood next to me. He lifted his hands to the hair and laughed.

"That son of a bitch." He started laughing.

I smiled widely.

I approached the message and touched the words. It was a red substance. I smelled and knew it was lipstick. I sighed because for one moment I thought it was blood.

"Let's find him." I said, Mesut nodded.

I grabbed all the items we found and Lori's bag.

"We need to go back to get this to Loris and Toni and then, then we'll look for Erik." I said.

"Right now?" Mesut asked confused, I nodded in response.

"It's almost sunset." He said pointing to the sky.

He's right, I know Mesut can get nervous due to night scouts. I rolled my eyes and nodded.

"What if he's alive somewhere and needs help?" I asked and moved his head aside.

"Really? The bastard took all the stuff in the plane. He must be fat and happy." Mesut said grabbing a few sticks from the ground and walked in the direction where we came. I followed him.

"The fact that he has food and stuff doesn't mean he's okay Mesut." I said.

"I know but I don't want to go on a expedition during night. We don't know what's out there." He said while walking.

"You mean, here?" I said pointing at our surroundings.

"It's different. We're only at the same spot." He said pushing a few leaves off the way.

I shook my head. He needs to man up about this matter.

"Fine. But we'll go out first time in the morning." I said, he nodded energetically.


After two hours just walking back to Toni's and Lori's place, we arrived. Loris was sleeping and Toni was collecting big palm leaves.

"Guys, you're back." He said smiling and walking towards us.

"Your foot looks fine." Mesut said.

"Yeah, I feel better." He said moving his foot.

"What did you find?" He asked, I handed him Lori's bag.

"We found the back part of the plane." I said.

His eyes opened widely.

"And?" He asked opening Loris bag.

"There was nothing." Mesut added taking off his shirt and hung it on the nearest tree.

"We found a dead flight attendant tho." Mesut added, I rolled my eyes.

"Apparently she got trapped on the bathroom." I said. Toni swallowed hard.

"That must have been an awful death." He said looking into Lori's bag.

"And one more thing.... – I said and he looked at me.

"We found a message, written on one side of the plane." I said, Toni looked at me confused.

"It was Erik's. He was apologizing for taking all the food." I said, Toni smiled widely.

"Does that means that..?-

"We don't know." I said shaking my head.

"But there's a big possibility." I said.

"That is a great news." Toni said.

"I know." I nodded.


We added the items we found to our inventory.

And kept it on Mat's suitcase. Toni was doing his job on keeping the food well organized and equitably distributing it. I feel relieved of being with Mesut, Toni and Loris, they're perfect teammates. They don't complain about anything, they know we have to ration the food and they always try to help. Mesut is always hungry but he's incapable of steal anything from Mat's suitcase.

"Open your eyes Loris." Toni said.

He opened his eyes. I stood next to Toni.

"Is he okay?" I asked, Toni shook his head.

"I don't know the first thing about medicine." He whispered.

"I think he had a concussion." Mesut said.

We looked at him confused.

"My dad is a doctor." He said and shrugged.

"What should we do then?" Toni asked.

"Just keep his head up. It will be okay in a few days." He said nodding.


I felt the sun burning my skin. Only if we had some sunscreen, I thought myself.

"Wake up." I whispered to Mesut. He mumbled something and pouted.

I felt my throat burning.

"Guys. We should take water." I decided to wake up everyone.

I grabbed one of the two bottles we had and opened it. In the bottle cap I poured and gave them two rations and closed the bottle again.

"We need to find more water." Mesut said.

"I know. But first, we need to find Erik." I said.

I grabbed four mangoes and gave one to each one of us. Grabbed the same sunglasses and cap, I changed my shirt for one or Lorises. It was a green sweater. Mesut grabbed one of the Mat's white long sleeve t-shirt and we took Loris bag again to look for more food, water and Erik.


"We've been walking for how long?" I asked Mesut, he shook his head.

"Hard to know, about tree hours?" He said.

I sighed.

I start feeling nauseas. We haven't eat well since four or five days ago when we were back at Germany. I closed my eyes and tried to remember the last meal I had. I can almost feel it in my mouth. I had a burger at my sister's house. It was a dinner. The meat seasoned with herbs and salt, cheddar cheese, bacon, mustard. I felt my stomach rumbling and tried to push away those thoughts.

"Look there's coconuts." Mesut said.

I laughed.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing, coconuts are more than great." I said.

I climbed the tree or tried at least. I still felt a strong pain in my back. I knew I had a cut or something but I didn't wanted to check, I was kind of afraid probably.

Mesut gave me a long stick and I hit the coconuts, they landed on the ground and Mesut collected them.

"How many?" I asked.

"Six." He said closing Loris bag.

"Great. We need to find more, that water we can drink." I said, Mesut nodded.

As we walked, we found around three more and collected about 10 coconuts. I was kind of relieved because this is a double win, we have water but also fruit, so it's great. We found more mangoes. About 10 or 12.

We were looking around but couldn't find any lead that Erik could possibly left to us. I started feeling a bit anxious because I wanted to find him or someone, just someone. The thought of the bloody boot came again, is he alright? I hope he is, also Erik.

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