"This way!" He said. He walked through the trees like he has been there before, like he knew where he was going.

It has been 20 days since he opened his eyes and found himself surrounded by green. Green everywhere and that was his least favorite color. He heard the footsteps behind him.

"Shh, careful." He said looking back and giving a cold stare. He kept walking carefully this time since he wanted to catch that bird. He hasn't eaten any protein or fruit since he woke up in this damn island.

"Are we close?" He heard a voice coming from behind. He rolled his eyes.

"Yes, and if you keep quiet maybe we could catch it." He said with a sarcastic look.

He walked quietly and moved slowly a big leaf that was blocking his vision. There it laid, a big bird eating what seemed to be a rotten mango. He smiled widely and nodded looking back.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"Yes, come on." He was replied. He was passed a spear made of wood from the trees. He narrowed his eyes and with a single but swift move, he threw the spear to the bird and his now dead body drop to the ground. He looked back and smiled widely and inside of him he made a tiny victory dance.

"Is it dead?" He heard.

"Yes, let's go." He said and stepped out of the bushes to find the bird lying on the ground.

"Whoa, that's big." He heard and nodded. "It is. We have food for two days eh." He answered.

"Come on, grab it, we need to keep moving." He said, the other two nodded and followed his instructions.

The sky flashed a lighting and the other two jumped. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. What was this behavior? They were grown up men. He grabbed a couple of rocks and kept walking, the other two followed him.


"How long?" One asked. The other pushed him gently and looked at him like saying "Stop talking."

He turned around and looked at both with a blank expression. The other two looked at him with wide eyes and scare expressions.

"Long enough, now keep walking." He said rudely. The both nodded and followed him, after all, he was in charge.

They walked around three or four hours more until they finally arrived the part of the plane where they were sleeping. It was the part of the pilothouse. It was moderately destroyed but they built a couple of walls with the remaining rests of the plane they collected and even built a door. They had two seats from the plane. A Small room which was the pilot's bath, there they kept all the stuff they've collected since they arrived the island. Two of them slept in the pilot's seats and one of them took shifts during the night. The glass in the cabin was shattered and bloody and it had a big hole in which they presume the pilot flew out with the impact, the co-pilot was found dead on his seat. They buried the bodies.

They have cleaned the place and even tried to make the panel work but since the plane had to energy they couldn't make it work even if they wanted it.

They arrived the cabin of the plane and shut the door. One of them went straight to the chair and removed his boots. The other went to the bathroom to store the stuff the found today. The leader was changing his clothes to go outside and built the fire.

"Can you clean the bird? I'll built the fire to cook it." He said, the other guy nodded in response. He stood and walked out of the cabin. The air night was cold but this didn't bothered him, he was used to the cold weather, he came from a cold place after all, it was the mornings that affected him the most.

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