instagram ✦ p. dybala  by flvshbacks
instagram ✦ p. dybala by el 💟
PAUSED || a story in which they fell in love on instagram. @paulodybala started following you.
  • paulo
  • futbol
  • instagram
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football one shots by sablinova
football one shotsby probably sleeping
A collection of short stories about football players. Requests are open.
  • aaronramsey
  • tonikroos
  • football
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Football Player imagines by krooscontrol
Football Player imaginesby Jesus/Issy
I'll pretty much do anyone tbfh. I take requests! Lowercase intended In certain places
  • erikdurm
  • realmadrid
  • lionelmessi
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Borussen Whatsapp Chat (2) *beendet* by DiaReus1909
Borussen Whatsapp Chat (2) * Alpha-Gürkchen
Die Fortsetzung des "Borussen Whatsapp Chat (1)" Ich hoffe ihr habt viel Spaß beim Lesen des Zweiten Teils, wie bei dem Ersten. -1. Teil: Borussen Whatsapp Cha...
  • borussiadortmund
  • borussia
  • whatsappchat
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escort | mats hummels ✓ by sablinova
escort | mats hummels ✓by probably sleeping
«You think you would never do something like that for money but when you have it in front of you, it looks you in the eye and you just fall.» |complete| - Because I got...
  • germanynt
  • fanfic
  • mats
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lovers + friends | hummels by celestials-
lovers + friends | hummelsby jay
in which a famous athlete and a lonely teenager allow the blurred lines between a close companionship and a romantic relationship get the best of them; for better or for...
  • bundesliga
  • germany
  • matshummels
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Te odio y te amo ↠ Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos [1] by MKENZIEJYL
Te odio y te amo ↠ Gerard Pique kenzie
In which two rivals who hate each other fall in love. Cover by @imaginehatter
  • ramos
  • joshuakimmich
  • sérgio
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My Music in your Heart by LorenaHoran14
My Music in your Heartby LorenaHoran14
Perrie Edwards besser gesagt Perrie Sahin. Niemand kennt sie unter ihrem richtigen Namen nur unter Perrie Edwards. Sie ist ein Mitglied der Band Little Mix, welche weltb...
  • perrieedwards
  • bvb
  • littlemix
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the luka modric book by lukitamodric10
the luka modric bookby lukitamodric10
  • footballfanfiction
  • croatiant
  • neymar
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Beste Freunde - oder mehr? (ABGESCHLOSSEN) by fornelly
Beste Freunde - oder mehr? ( fornelly
In den Hauptrollen: Merle -Nachname wird nie erwähnt- Marco Reus Marcel Fornell --------------------- Merle ist 22 Jahre alt, wohnt in Dortmund und ist Tänzer...
  • nikstark
  • marcelfornell
  • marcoreus
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I SPY! borussia dortmund by bvbsemma
I SPY! borussia dortmundby ₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡
"are all women in the FBI like you? if so, i'd like to get arrested and be kept forever please." "are all boys in dortmund still terrible flirts like you...
  • bvbdortmund
  • murder
  • marcoreus
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The Tender Trap • Mats Hummels by moraave
The Tender Trap • Mats Hummelsby moraave
Mats and Natalia are trying to help with one another's love life and in the process timing is key. Will these two miss out on true love when it passes by them? Or will t...
  • borussiadortmund
  • soccer
  • love
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the football stuff by direwolfnorth
the football stuffby Violet Alvarez
everything to do with football (soccer). This book will include footballers, hot footballers, my fave footballers, memes, gifs, videos, just everything involving with fo...
  • marcoeus
  • paulodybala
  • jamesrodriguez
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Football Imagines and preferences by Pulisic-Durm
Football Imagines and preferencesby KENZIE
Football or Soccer Imagines and preferences Players I am going to write imagines on: Erik Durm Christian Pulisic Neymar Lionel Messi Marc Bartra Sergi Roberto Cristiano...
  • soccer
  • neymar
  • messi
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Thomas is obsessed with soccer. He is great. Thomas is invited to tryout for the best team in the nation. He is excited. Thomas likes boys. But he avoids any kind of int...
  • dream
  • couple
  • football
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groupchat | bayern munich by aussentrist
groupchat | bayern munichby aussentrist
[ highest ranking yet : #45 in Non fiction. ] In which Robert Lewandowski falls in love with his rival club's player, Marco Reus' sister after a one night stand. Now tha...
  • matshummels
  • manuelneuer
  • bayernmunich
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Group Chatting by ericdier
Group Chattingby Priya
Wonder what it would be like to group chat with the German NT? Throughout the story, there's a possibility of laughter, cuteness, maybe even some sassiness from a few of...
  • philipplahm
  • manuelneuer
  • germany
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GROUPCHAT ( borussia dortmund. ) by geripique
GROUPCHAT ( borussia dortmund. )by [ ♡ ྀ ]
@woodyinho has added you to the groupchat! in which marco reus accidentally adds a sassy and sarcastic girl who has an undying love for bvb and roman bürki to the group...
  • footballers
  • romanburki
  • juliandraxler
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mats hummels, a living meme  by aussentrist
mats hummels, a living meme by aussentrist
You will probably never find something like this here.
  • humor
  • matshummels
  • meme
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INSTAGRAM ( germany nt. )  by geripique
INSTAGRAM ( germany nt. ) by [ ♡ ྀ ]
in which a kpop idol somehow gets involved with a famous footballer. ( germany nt. ) ( kpop x football. ) ( social media. ) ( © geripique 2018. ) ( started: june 16, 201...
  • germany
  • juliandraxler
  • marcoreus
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