escort | mats hummels ✓ by sablinova
escort | mats hummels ✓by probably sleeping
«You think you would never do something like that for money but when you have it in front of you, it looks you in the eye and you just fall.» |complete| - Because I got...
  • munich
  • mats
  • germany
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instagram || paulo dybala by flvshbacks
instagram || paulo dybalaby el 💟
a story in which they fell in love on instagram. @paulodybala started following you.
  • barcelona
  • bvb
  • madisonbeer
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Football Player imagines by krooscontrol
Football Player imaginesby Jesus/Issy
I'll pretty much do anyone tbfh. I take requests! Lowercase intended In certain places
  • cristianoronaldo
  • matshummels
  • football
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lovers + friends | hummels by celestials-
lovers + friends | hummelsby jay
in which a famous athlete and a lonely teenager allow the blurred lines between a close companionship and a romantic relationship get the best of them; for better or for...
  • football
  • bayern
  • feels
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football one shots by sablinova
football one shotsby probably sleeping
A collection of short stories about football players. Requests are open.
  • aaronramsey
  • marcoreus
  • croatiant
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mats hummels, a living meme  by slootherin
mats hummels, a living meme by meeqs.
You will probably never find something like this here.
  • humor
  • meme
  • funny
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type | reus by celestials-
type | reusby jay
in which marco reus falls head over heels in love with a woman whose skin is much darker than his. (completed)
  • african
  • reusmarco
  • germany
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random football stuff (complete) ✔ by slootherin
random football stuff (complete) ✔by meeqs.
[ Highest ranking yet : #35 in Non-Fiction ] You'll find a good supply of the following here : hot footballers, football rants and banter, gifs, pictures, groupchats, fo...
  • robertlewandowski
  • footballer
  • nationalteam
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the luka modric book by lukitamodric10
the luka modric bookby lukitamodric10
  • realmadrid
  • croatiant
  • matshummels
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kiss/marry/kill by Ozilista
kiss/marry/killby arsenal
why not
  • fcbarcelona
  • fcbayernmunich
  • bayernmunich
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Te odio y te amo ↠ Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos [1] by MKENZIEJYL
Te odio y te amo ↠ Gerard Pique KENZIE
In which two rivals who hate each other fall in love. Cover by @imaginehatter
  • fcbarcelona
  • neymar
  • ramos
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Thomas is obsessed with soccer. He is great. Thomas is invited to tryout for the best team in the nation. He is excited. Thomas likes boys. But he avoids any kind of int...
  • teen
  • love
  • lgbtq
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Instagram| R.Lewandowski by -Okayytee
Instagram| R.Lewandowskiby K Den;
A story ft Robert Lewandowski who falls in love with his manager's sons girlfriend over Instagram...
  • footballproject
  • dortmund
  • matshummels
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sex or next? by cristianope
sex or next?by el
will you sex or will you next these following players?
  • neymar
  • erikdurm
  • cristianoronaldo
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f o o t b a l l  p r e f e r e n c e s  by KingDenny
f o o t b a l l p r e f e r e n #frankline🌈
• Eğlence amaçlı yapıldı. • • Made for fun. • 💛🌈⚡️🚀🦖☄️💥🔥
  • neymarjr
  • juliandraxler
  • preferences
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Almost Lover || Manuel Neuer & Bastian Schweinsteiger|| by Neyling94
Almost Lover || Manuel Neuer & Natasha
When a 24 year old Ruby Muller visit her good old friends which was basically her older brother best friends from the famous football team Bayern Munich and Germany Nati...
  • matshummels
  • nutella
  • love
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football zodiac signs by cristianope
football zodiac signsby el
zodiac signs for all you football obsessed hoes
  • lionelmessi
  • erikdurm
  • football
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SLEEPWALKER          ▐                        LORIS by kloppos
SLEEPWALKER ▐ baby girl
" I don't think laughing at a sleepwalker is funny - this is an actual condition, you know? " ;;; WHERE ONLY ONE PERSON FINDS QUINN'S ACCIDENT FUNNY. [ LO...
  • footballfanfiction
  • hysterical
  • hospital
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Groupchat - Bayern Munich by emi_doodles78
Groupchat - Bayern Munichby emi_doodles78
What happens in the groupchat stays in the groupchat...
  • jeromeboateng
  • philipplahm
  • rl9
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Another Night by moraave
Another Nightby moraave
Mara just accepted her job as the Tourism and Leisure Liaison Officer for the German National Team during the 2018 World Cup in Colombia. With Mara in charge of showing...
  • colombia
  • mannschaft
  • diemannschaft
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