The boy moved quickly thru the trees. He felt his feet hurting again. He sighed.

"I'll make it." He whispered to himself.

He thought he was going to die for only a second, but something inside him remained pure, hope.

He had hope for the future, and even if he didn't know where he was or if he was alone, he hoped someone would come and find him. He kept walking thru the pain on his feet. He usually checked on the wounds, but they looked normal, at least from the few experience he had.

His mouth was dry also his throat. The cold night just got it worse. His stomach was empty so as his thoughts. His mind was a blank page. All he wanted was to close his eyes and once opened, be back home. To his bed, to his house, to his family, to all the things that make him happy and to feel safe once again.

He sighed.

"I miss my bed." He whispered like someone would hear him. He shook his head and kept walking.

The island was big, big enough to not be heard. There were trees, lots of them. Palm trees too, tall and beautiful but also deadly. In the heart of the jungle laid a bush filled with red berries. They smelled amazing but they weren't what they looked. The boy approached and grabbed a group of them. He took them near his nose. The smell was amazing, something delicious. His mouth started drooling. He thought he had found a treasure.

But, the boy knew that life isn't like that. He saw a black figure in the middle of the woods. The boy swore it was very alike his mother. The woman looked at him and shook his head, pointing to the bush of berries.

The boy looked again at the berries and drop them on the floor. He was devastated, he wanted to eat the berries but the black shadow between the trees told him not to. He grabbed a big rock and smashed the berries that were left on the bush so if there was someone of his friends alive, they won't eat it too, because they were poisonous. He did this with every bush of berries he saw on the road. He wanted to protect his friends.

The boy found a big tree easy to climb. He climbed with extremely carefulness. He remembered his practices as a scout boy back in Germany. He loved it. He would wake up every morning to have his breakfast and stepped outside the woods on his camp, with his scout friends during summer. He smiled at the thought of it but then he opened his eyes and found himself in a very different situation.

This was real, and it was happening now. There was no Mr. Berry to heal his wounds with the first aid kit every time he cut himself accidentally with a dry branch. There was no Miss. Silvermann to feed him with porridge every morning, or even James, the guide, who helped him to return to the camp every time he got lost in the woods. There was only himself, he was alone and that scared him to death.

He knew one of the best ways to keep safe in a place like this, was sleeping up in a tree. It kept him from the danger on the ground. The boy was quick and skilful but he had wounds, so he managed to climb the tree and cover himself with a few leaves. He looked at the sky and saw the stars. There were too many to count them, such a beautiful view.

When he was on the camp, he used to stared through the window and see the stars, he often counted them, but it is nothing compared to this right here and right now. There are millions, different sizes and shapes and colors. The boy loved the stars, he really liked them. But he preferred to watch them thru a telescope in a planetarium. A place where he could be safe and sound, not this violent and lonely environment.

He sighed.

The boy remembered his last birthday. The cake his mom baked especially for him. Chocolate cake was his favorite and his mom's was the best he had ever tried. His stomach began to rumble. He tried to forget about the food, but being honest to himself, he acknowledged that he hasn't eaten in about three days. He hasn't found a single thing to eat, not even a fruit. The only thing he found was those berries and they were poisonous.

He tried to get some sleep but he was so afraid about falling. The last three days he slept in different trees. They were more stable than this one. He could feel the cold breeze brushing the tip toes on his left feet, there where his boot has gotten lost. He hugged the big branch and breathed slowly trying to close his eyes, the hazel color got darker as his eyelids fell. Eventually the boy got lost in his thoughts and fell into a deep sleep.


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