With Jamie here we've been very careful with being around. Now we can't be naked nor say bad words, she seems very decent and is always frightened. She has been here for a week now and stills sleeps next to the bonfire, she begs to leave it on during the night and she sleeps in fetal position. I usually stay up late to keep her company because I have to look after the bonfire once she's asleep.

Loris has been fishing daily at the beach, he and Toni had fish plenty lately and thankfully we have something to eat besides the mangoes and coconuts.

"I am starting to hate the freaking mango." Mesut said while eating one. We laughed.

"You shouldn't, it's the only thing we have around." Toni said while sitting next to us. We were on the shore, the water was warm and the sand felt soft under our feet.

"I know... I just- I miss ice cream you know?" Mesut said looking sad.

"What about you Jamie? What do you miss?" Toni asked her. She moved quickly and looked at us confused, she hesitated but swallowed hard and finally spoke.

"Mac and cheese." She said, her voice almost cracking, we all nodded and closed our eyes, I think we all pictured the delicious taste of it in our mouths. She laughed.

"You all look funny." She said.

"I miss it too." I said and she smiled.

"I miss the pizza." Loris said, we all nodded included Jamie. "That too." I said. In fact pizza was my favorite food and it was one of the things I missed the most.

We remained silent for a couple of minutes just watching the sun raising on the morning. The heat increased with each passing minute.

"Do you think they're looking for us?" Mesut asked looking up to the sky. The sky was clear, not a single cloud to be seen, not a single plane, nothing. It only had a beautiful baby blue color, my favorite.

"Of course they are Mes." Toni said playing with a stick on the sand. Loris sighed loudly.

"They are. Guys... Come on." Toni said looking at us a bit shocked.

"You're not really thinking otherwise? We're world champions... We're athletes, world known athletes." He added. The words sound vaguely remote.

World champions... World known athletes... We're nothing, here.

I shook my negative thoughts and stood from the ground and clapped my hands quickly.

"A race to the water? 20 meters swimming and then running back here, the last one if a potato head." I said. Mesut looked at me and narrowed his eyes, thinking, he finally nodded.

"You bet." He stood quickly followed by Toni and Loris who were laughing at us.

"What about you Jamie?" I asked her, she smiled shyly and shook her head.

"I'll lose." She said, all the boys started mocking her.

"You can be the judge then." Toni said and she nodded quickly smiling tenderly.

"1, 2, 3 GO!" Loris yelled.

We quickly ran towards the shore and threw ourselves on the water, we started swimming. I saw Mesut next to me, he was laughing at Loris who was now behind us.

"I'll beat you." He yelled at me. "In your dreams." I responded.

"Stop talking, you two are going to lose." Toni said passing us. We looked at each other confused and started swimming faster.

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