The boy walked through an unknown path, he has never been here before. He walked until his feet hurt but the prize was better. He saw the infinite blue just before his eyes. He walked quickly towards the shore and once the water brushed his bare feet he closed his eyes and let himself fell onto the ground. The water welcomed him like an old friend and quickly wet his clothes.

A bath, he thought, although it was nothing like that. The salty water has always bother him but not this time. He can't recall the last time he took a bath, probably weeks ago, the last time it rained. Right now the feeling of his body being immersed in water even if it was salty, was a rewarding feeling.

He stayed there for a few minutes just enjoying the view and the warm water until he looked at something on the distance. A piece of the plane, he thought. He quickly stood and started walking slowly to the place where the one of the pieces of the plane had landed. He was a bit confused, looking around since he has never been in this part of the island before.

Once he arrived he noticed that the plane is empty inside, this could mean something good, probably somewhere out there was someone alive, this was only confirmed when he walked around the plane and saw a written message on the tail plane. It was a bit fuzzy, he supposed it was due to the rain and wind but he could still read some words.

"Erik." He whispered and a smile formed unconsciously on his mouth. He took a couple of steps back and examined the scene, looking for some clues that could lead him to Erik's place. He felt deep in his heart that his teammate was alive and he needed to find him. He noticed a couple of footprints down the road, near an entrance to the jungle.

His body froze and he swallowed hard. The jungle. The thought of being back inside sent shivers down his spine. He hated it inside. Here he was in a open space and he has been looking for the beach since he opened his eyes. He shook his head for a moment but then turned around to look his teammates words marked on one side of the plane. He had to do it. He swallowed hard and nodded and steeling himself he put a foot again inside the jungle, following his teammate's footprints.


His feet were in pain. He had no shoes on, he had woke up without them and even thought he has been here for over two months he hasn't been able to find a pair or just anything to wear. He felt his sore throat threatening, he was thirsty. The now dark afternoon was looming on the top of his head. He feared the night as he had never feared anything before, but he kept walking, even though his muscles and legs yelled at him to stop and for a good reason, he kept walking until the sky was black now. He heard some voices on the distance and his body froze.

"I am not alone." He found whispering to himself in very low tone, his voice almost cracking. He couldn't believe it. There were more people in here.

He started walking quickly to the source of the sound, the laughs and a song, a birthday song. He stopped once he saw a light on the distance, he moved the leaf that was on his way and the scene almost made him cry of happiness. There were his teammates with big smiles on their faces, celebrating something, more like someone. They were a bit skinnier than before, their clothes a big worn, some of them had their hair bigger and some others had beards, the most important they were alive and well.

He sighed and nodded closing his eyes. He had found them. He opened his eyes again to soak up this scene and to cherish it on his mind. He moved the leaf and stepped inside the place where their friends were but his body stopped moving once he saw one of the boys collapsing on the floor.


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