Chapter.31.Welcome Home.<3

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Leaving the Power Pack was interesting to say the least. A total of 13 SUV's were waiting out front by the time I had hobbled my way out. I had wanted to do it on my own just to prove to myself that I could, I hate being useless. Even as a child, I was never useless. Constantly cooking or cleaning or training. Alpha William was waiting at the foot of the steps with a small, warm smile. "Little Luna." Gripping his hands in mine, I find myself struggling to keep up the barrier to not invade his mind. "It's because you're on pain medication." How did he know I was having issues? "I've had a similar experience, I could tell you were concentrating hard."

"But I touched Josh, skin to skin and didn't seem to have an issue."

"Mate bond. Makes things a lot easier." I don't miss the double meaning that the old man makes, but I do choose to ignore it. "I'm so glad you're feeling better. Your mate had the entire pack in tears."

Glancing at Josh, he's talking to some warriors about safety measures for the trip home. Apparently we're going to switch out from leading the caravan to random positions during the drive home. "He is a strong wolf. I hope to the Goddess I'll never have to hear about his pain that I caused again."

"Little Luna, none of this was your fault. It's because of you that he's smiling right now. Dr. Matthew made it evident to nurses and to myself that you weren't supposed to live. You're a fighter Maya, never forget that."

Words of reassurance that I didn't even realize I needed. The accident itself wasn't my fault, but I shouldn't have opened up my arms to death. I could have fought harder so I wouldn't have flat lined. "Thank you for your hospitality and your gifts." I quip now that I have the gift of sight.

Brown eyes gazing into my icy blue, he's a kind man. His demeanor, and words obviously show that which is shocking. By the time supernatural creatures hit this age, they're bitter from losing loved ones and for an array of different circumstances. "You are welcome anytime Little Luna, if you ever have any questions you may call me. I've given the list to your mate, however as far as anyone on that list knows I still have my gift. It's a blessing and a curse."

"You wouldn't have given it to me if I couldn't handle it."

"Maya." Shifting my focus towards the SUV's, there are 2 warriors lined up at each vehicle. Smackle and Farkle in one, the 4 warriors we originally brought and Allen in one, then I'm assuming the other is for me. "We need to go."

"Bye William."

I can't call him grandpa yet, that would be way too weird for me. And I'm not quite sure he'd like that. It's cool to know my mom had Alpha blood in her as well, which would explain her stubborn nature my father would always rant about. "Bye Little Luna. Safe travels." Praying to the Moon Goddess that this car ride will be the opposite of the previous I limp my way towards Josh.

He's conflicted, he isn't sure whether to help me or respect my wishes. And quite frankly from the amount of pain I'm in, I'm willing to let my pride go. Josh rushes to my side not caring either way, and leans down to pick me up, but stops. "That will hurt your stomach." He whines, a few more scenarios and he's mumbling cuss words under his breath. "I'm going to put your arm around my neck, lean on me okay?"

Nodding in agreement, the only thing I want to do is sleep. And Amber seems to agree as she starts to settle in for a nap. This is what I get for my body being in full repair mode twenty four seven. "Thank you." Seconds later, I'm lying down in the back of the SUV. He laid the seats down and made a little bed for me in the back.

"I know you're sleepy baby girl. But listen just a few moments longer, I got Farkle to rig this up where a strap will go over your chest so it won't hurt your stomach and you can still sleep. There's water in the cup holder and your favorite snacks on the floor board." Nodding in acknowledgement he only chuckles before strapping me in. His scent is all over these blankets so I'm in pure bliss, Amber is already knocked out cold and I'm seconds behind.

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