Chapter.2.First Meeting.

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"MINE!" I know he is not talking about me. I should have smelt him or something.

It isn't until I feel a strong tug on Riley's arm like someone is trying to pull her away that I realize he's talking about her. But the fact that she's shaking lets me know she's terrified. I shove her behind me in one fluid motion and am face to face with a leadership wolf. Not powerful enough for an Alpha position but my guess is a Beta. I get into a defensive pose and look him directly in the eyes. Bright green and slowly turning darker, I'm keeping him away from what he claims is 'his' and neither him nor his wolf appreciates it. "Back. Off." I warn with a small growl, I will not be intimidated beta or otherwise. Not with the way I grew up.

We no doubt have an audience from a few wolves but they won't dare intervene. Something in their nature tells them to stay out of it. It's disrespectful for other wolves to interfere on a one on one battle. "She is mine!" He growls and is about 2 seconds from trying to tear my head off.

"You're scaring her." I hiss and that brings him back to reality. That's the exact opposite effect you want from your mate. "Back. Off." I warn again before he takes the smallest step backward in history. I spin around to my best friend with a questioning glint in my eye. She's sniffing the air like she's snorting cocaine. Might as well be, the smell of your mate from what I hear is addicting and comforting. "You alright?"

She nods and tucks her hair behind her ear, a nervous tick of hers that I realize she hasn't grown out of. "He's leadership." She says.

"Beta." He says proudly interrupting me, and I don't have to look at him to know he's grinning. I roll my eyes and smile at my peaches. She gives me a reassuring head jolt basically saying she's okay and I can move. It's no secret that your mate won't hurt you, their goal is to make the other happy. Your mate is your world and you will do anything... and I mean anything to ensure they are safe.

My wolf moves me over, she's pissed I interfered in the first place. That I tried to keep mates apart, but I don't hesitate from her wishes and in less than a second Riley's wrapped up in his arms. His nose buried in the crook of her neck and inhaling deeply. "What's your name princess?"

She exhales shakily and whispers, "Riley daughter of Cory and Topanga previously with the Crescent Moon Pack." We don't have last names. We use our parents and pack name as our title, us wolves are old fashioned that way. It makes no difference at this point that she's a rogue, especially since her mate is a beta. "What's yours?"

"Riley, such a beautiful name for an exquisite creature." I notice her body tremble when her name rolled off his tongue. "Lucas. My name is Lucas." He barely manages to get that out before running his fingers through her hair. His arms holding tightly to what's his and though that sounds degrading in our world it is nothing more than flattering. "You smell so good. So gorgeous." He whispers, and I instantly approve. Her cheeks turn a deep shade of pink and because this is an intimate moment for them you'd think I'd look away.

But I can't. It's so beautiful. Though I don't want a mate and I have accepted that would mean solitude for me-especially since Riley will probably be moving into the pack house soon-I can't help but feel a pang of jealousy. The bell ringing wakes me from my depressing thoughts. "Riley." I whisper in hopes to not disturb them too much, however it doesn't seem as if Lucas is going to let her go any time soon. I can't say I blame him, I would imagine I'd want to just study my mate and learn every perfect imperfection. "Riles we have to get to class."

My hand reaches out for her but after she's tugged away from me a small growl rumbles in Lucas' chest. "She's mine." His voice husky and deep and very much in lust with my best friend. I take the time to get a good look at him, sandy blonde hair that is short but even now my best friend is running her fingers through it. His eyes are a bright emerald green and his skin holds a natural tan wrapped around a broad array of muscles.

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