Chapter.57.They're Here.<3

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Maya's Point of View.

Things were a little hectic around here.

Okay, a lot hectic around here. Pups are pouting because their parents won't allow them to go outside. Warriors are already training and women are preparing to take shelter in the safe room. Eric just called and he's roughly 30 minutes away. Josh is working with Kris at the moment and discussing how they want to divide Eric's warriors. Vanessa is preparing games and setting up an abundance of family friendly movies in the safe room, Smackle is assisting Maggie in meal prepping. There's a full blown out kitchen down there but it's easy to have things prepared so there is an abundance of sandwiches down there for the next day. Dinner is already made because Maggie is incredible and spent the entire evening yesterday cooking, it just needs reheating. Riley is helping women find their families little area, it consists of a cot or cots depending on the amount of kids, blankets and pillows as well as a backpack.

What's in the backpack you ask? Well, I'm about to explain that to them so this works out well. It's now 6 o'clock and since I just finished the headcount, it's time to make an announcement. "Twilight pack." I step up in front of the projector with a large smile. Women and pups stare up at me innocently, no matter how innocent if my father – I mean Kermit, were to get his hands on them it would mean nothing. "Good evening. I hope you're all settled in and finding everything you need. Bathrooms are to my right, there's shampoo, conditioners and soaps supplied in the showers. Respect privacy, respect the time you spend in the shower, and please don't make me get involved." There are some chuckles around the room, which was my goal. To ease the tension. "The kitchen is behind you, there are two doors the one on the right is the exit. Don't use it as an entrance it makes everything flow easier. There's chicken and rice for dinner tonight, thank you Maggie." I clap as she bows her head out of respect, "Thank you Vanessa and Smackle and Riley for setting up the movies and games. Behind all of you is the infirmary, we are in a confined space with roughly one hundred and fifty of us, illness will spread if not taken care of. If you are feeling ill, sneezing or coughing make your way back there and Dr. Packwood will take care of you. Got it?"

"Yes Luna."

Amber whips her tail back and forth, she is loving leading. "This is a safe room. Obviously it is meant to keep you safe, however if something were to happen and we needed to leave you will seek refuge in Power Pack land, there is a backpack underneath your cot." All eyes shift under their bed, some lift it up and others leave it where it is at. "In the backpack is food and water, enough for 2 people for 2 days. Though you should make it to the Power Pack within the day. Also in the backpack is a silver knife with a leather handle for defensive purposes, a flashlight and a map." Josh really invested into this safe room and it paid off. "Everyone look down at your cots. If one the floor you have red tape surrounding your space, you will follow me should we have to evacuate. If I'm not here, you'll follow Vanessa whose color is yellow. Green will be Smackle and Riley is orange. We will lead you to the Power Pack, though we tried to keep mothers with their grown children and grandchildren, that may not have always worked. Do NOT and I repeat, do not switch groups. We will do a head count so if one group doesn't have everyone, it will cause chaos in an already chaotic situation. Are there any questions?"

"Luna!" A middle aged woman stands up, two pups cling to her leg. It's pretty cute. "How long do you think we will be down here?"

That's a wonderful question, "We aren't expecting visitors for another day, maybe two. There's no exact time but I'm going to over estimate and say a week. This place has enough food and water to last 60 days. This room has a backup generator as well, so it will run even if the power is cut off. You'll be safe."

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