Chapter.9.Reality of Consequences.<3 Riley's POV.

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Riley's Point of View

Pain is a fickle thing. To me it is watching my best friend go through the tortures of her life, her emotional pain. For Lucas, my pain is his pain which is the main reason why he was fighting me so hard on me taking the lead on her healing. To Maya pain is purely physical, she hardened herself emotionally for personal reasons. So Maya's pain was the 5th kiss of the whip when she finally screamed out. I could practically feel her confusion when William offered her 3 whips to save Josh.

That was the first time she felt emotional pain in... years. Probably longer if I really dove into the world of my sister Maya. She hid it well though, as soon as he mentioned no punishment for Josh she had her mind made up. She couldn't let Josh take the punishment for something she believed she caused. I love Maya almost as much as Lucas-damn mate bond-and once I found her after 6 years I never imagined we would be back here. I wipe my eyes dry and continue stitching her up, "Princess." I glance at my mate before going back to work.


He sighs and I can feel what he's feeling, as soon as he marked me it was hard to separate his emotions from mine but right now he's overpowering mine. I can feel his emerald eyes burning a whole into my face while sadness washes over me. "Please let the pack doctor take over."

"Please Lucas drop it. I-I'm almost done."

I make a passing glance towards Josh and he hasn't looked away from her face since we entered this room. Aside from me confronting him about getting his attitude together. It was sweet how he didn't want anyone to touch her once he had her in his arms, stupid but sweet. "She'll be okay Alpha." I try to console him when the door opens frantically.

"Farkle, what is it?" Lucas uses his deeper Beta voice and I can't help but roll my eyes as I throw out my tools and start to wash my hands.

He bows his head in respect, "The law wants a word with Alpha."

"Tell them to take their 'word' and shove it up their ass." Josh snaps not once looking away.

Seeing as there is so much testosterone I take the chance to speak up, "Alpha if you'd prefer Lucas and I can go discuss matters with the wolves. I'm sure they'll understand considering the circumstances." I state calmly, I know that anything could set him off at this moment. I hate to say that I'm almost numb to this part of her healing but it's the truth. She may have caused a few fights when we were younger but she didn't deserve the punishments she received. About 99 percent of the time she didn't deserve punishment at all. And even though she wasn't whipped too often her father found other ways of 'disciplining' her as he called it.

Josh grits his teeth together and slowly nods his head, "Hurry. My mate may need you." I bow my head and finish drying my hands, I can tell he wants to say much more but he keeps his lips sealed. I reach out my fingertips for my mate and with a hesitant smile he grips it tightly.

He gestures for Farkle to lead the way, "I've never met with law before."

I gulp and grip his hand tighter. "I have. I can take lead if you'd prefer."

His eyes shine with adoration and love when I look up at him then it switches to confusion. "Why have you met with them?" The word 'them' is spat with so much venom I wouldn't have recognized it was from my mate had I not watched it fall out of his soft lips.

"Let's just say, the Alpha at our old pack had a few instances with them." I keep it short and sweet because I don't think Maya would want me to say 'I had my father report on the Alpha-Maya's father-for abuse'. So much good that did! I don't know how he got away with it most of the time and it was infuriating and disgusting. My father, Cory would let Maya stay at our home as much as possible but it isn't easy whenever Alpha Kermit could simply command us to do anything.

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