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Ever since that phone call last night I couldn't quite seem to... calm down. I couldn't get Cory and Topanga off my mind. The man who saved me and the woman who raised me. I'm not even sure what to say to them at this point. 'Long time no see' or 'you haven't aged a day'? Both of those seem like the absolute worst options possible. And as werewolves we hardly age, we age in years obviously but looks it slows down around 25, so that wouldn't make any sense. Josh and Lucas found mine and Riley's anxiousness, amusing more or less. Apparently us constantly drifting off into space or nibbling on our nails was in their words 'adorable'. Even during lunch, Riley couldn't stop pacing. Lucas had to seriously pick her up and cradle her in his arms like a baby, what's sad is Riley didn't put up a fight.

However the clock seemed to be against us. The day couldn't have dragged on any slower, well it probably could have but Josh was sure to keep me distracted so I wouldn't look at the clock every few minutes. We have patrol waiting at the entrance into our territory to escort them to the pack house, mostly so we'll know immediately when they get here. Bouncing knees, trembling hands and it is only 5 o'clock. If they left at 6 this morning-which I highly doubt since last I checked they love their sleep-they still wouldn't be here for another hour. "I'm going for a run."

Immediately rising off the couch I move towards the door, Riley is right behind me. "I'm coming too. I need distractions and I need-Ugh I don't know what I need."


Glancing up at the balcony overlooking the foyer, our mates have their arms crossed with mischievous smiles on their faces. "What?" Giggling at my best friends whine I wait for their response.

"Where do you think you're going?" Lucas' voice echoes off the marble floors.

"On a run." I reply curtly, if they are thinking about stopping us they have another day coming.

A quick glance at one another and they're jumping off the balcony. If they weren't wolves and didn't have excellent agility then they probably would have hurt themselves. But Riley and I watch as they land on their feet in front of us with a loud THUD. An arm wrapped around my waist, I'm lost in my mates intoxicating scent. Hot breath fanning against my ear, I fight a shiver. He knows exactly what he's doing and it's pure and utter torture. "You have 10 minutes then I'm coming after you."

Amber yips inside of me at the excitement of a chase. A peck to the cheek, another to my jaw and one on my lips. Husky voice, he's just as excited as we are. "Go. I'll track you." Riley and I bolt out of the house, quickly undressing and shifting into my wolf. I remain in charge as I sprint through the woods. The bright sun beaming down through the trees, random spots brighter than others. There's no doubt that fall is approaching, if I didn't have fur, I'd have a slight chill right now.

'I take left you take right'

Riley's voice rings in my head and I flash her a wolfy grin. 'Yes ma'am. Don't make it easy.'

With the final word we sprint into different directions. Burning limbs as I leap over branches, circling trees to confuse him and weaving from left to right. I run through a small stream, getting my paws wet to make it more difficult. The water deteriorates my scent, making it less pungent thus harder for him to find me. Farkle told me how great my mate is at tracking, a Gamma bragging on his Alpha. Either way he said it's one of Josh's specialties. No wonder he loves a good game of chase. Amber absolutely purrs in happiness at how skilled our mate is, and he hasn't even found us yet.

I don't even know how long we've been running but I know my ten minutes is about to be up. Right as that thought crosses my mind two long and determined howls ring through the air. A few branches snap from behind me but by the scent I can tell it's someone from our pack. A chocolate brown wolf bows his head, lowering his chest to the ground making me come to a complete stop to acknowledge him. 'Luna are you safe?'

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