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Josh's Point of View.

Before the meeting had ended, I asked everyone to be free of the dining room so I could take Maya down there for lunch. I think it would be good for her to get out of the room and see sunlight. Even if we don't take a step outside. The pack is still pretty torn up about my mate's condition, hell I'm still torn up about it and it's been almost 2 weeks since I've found her. Turning on my heels to meander off the stage, Riley gives me a warm smile. I return it and shake hands with my beta. "Thanks for being here. How're you feeling Riley?"

"Great, much better than what I was. I'm awake so that's a huge step up." I chuckle and avert my gaze to Lucas. His lips press against her temple before we take off down the steps. "Lucas would you knock it off. It is 5 steps." I chuckle and crane my neck to get a glimpse, her arm is draped around his neck, he's obviously carrying her down the stairs with a protective hand on her stomach. I would make fun of him, but I'll probably be ten times worse.

Gesturing for Farkle to follow me so we can meet up with our mates we make our way back to the pack house. "ALPHA!" A little girl no older than 8 rushes towards me with a wide smile spread across her lips. Her dark curls bouncing with each step and bright green eyes staring up at me. "Alpha."

Kneeling down to her level, I swallow her hands with my own. "Yes little one? What can I do for you?"

"My class, we made something for Luna Maya." She turns around to look behind her, I'm assuming at the woman hustling in our direction. "Mommy, hurry up!" This little girl sounds so exasperated and put out with the woman who carried her and raised her. It's quite entertaining to say the least. Switching my focus to Farkle he just laughs, I've always had a soft spot for kids and that's never been a secret. As soon as the woman makes it to our small gathering she passes a large piece of colored manilla paper in our direction. "Can you give this to Luna Maya?"

Grabbing the piece of large folded paper in my hands, I can't help but smile. 'We Love You Luna Maya' was written in what I'm assuming is the teacher's handwriting on the front, with stickers decorating the outside. Opening it up, there's notes written on the inside from about 30 students, most were with misspelled words others drew pictures. All in all, the notes consisted of 'we missed you', 'get well soon' and 'we love you'. Blinking several times to keep my emotions at bay, I hold her hands again. "What's your name beautiful?"


"Annisa? That's a beautiful name. Thank you so much for this card, I will absolutely give this to her and I am positive it will help her get to feeling better very soon."

She launches towards me, her arms wrapping around my neck to give me a hug, a hug which I return immediately. "Thank you Alpha. Tell Luna Maya I said hello." And just like that she's skipping to her next destination. I watch her for several more minutes before actually rising off the ground and walking back into the pack house. Just as I asked, the kitchen and dining area had remained empty. A sense of pride running through me knowing that my pack listens so well. As an Alpha I should be used to, no expect them to listen to every word but that type of arrogance could only lead to downfall. Look at Kermit, running through packs as if they were just snacks. Kidnapping and torturing as if it were a hobby. Demanding his warriors and members not speak of or do anything when they saw despicable actions. How many had known about his plot to capture my mate? How many were involved? Should I trust Crescent Moon pack members to step foot on our territory? Or should I just end them once their location has been verified? That's a tough decision, offer sanctuary or turn them away? I hate the idea of turning them away whenever women and pups won't last in rogue territory. Once this is done my land will be never ending, it will take days in wolf form to go around my border to get to another pack.

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