Chapter.58.Save It.<3

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"Baby girl, they're here."

Fear fluttered through me like never before. I've been in a lot of situations that required more than the average level of fear. I've faced Kermit more times than necessary, and came out alive no matter how hard my heart was thundering against my chest. I've faced several rogues at once, and never teared up. I've taken on a bear who had no human nature what so ever and still can't remember feeling this amount of dread. Probably because I know what he's capable of, if I get caught it will only be worse than what I've already experienced.

If that were possible.

Now I know it is best that I don't go to the battle field. "I need you upstairs baby girl. Lock the door to our room, and you get in the safe room if you have to. Do you remember the code to get in through our closet?" With my chin trembling and eyes welling up with tears, I nod. The date we met. "Don't you cry baby girl. Please don't cry." He envelops me in his arms and pecks my temple several times. "I love you, this is over, tonight we end this." My mate cups my face, Jax is beginning to take over. The true Alpha in him is coming to light. "Do you understand?"

"Yes Alpha."

He growls and presses his lips firmly against mine and moves them in a fervent manner. This isn't a goodbye kiss because like hell is he going anywhere. "I have to go."

"Go." I whisper knowing he needs to lead the wolves, he needs to lead three packs. After kissing me one more time he sprints back up the steps. Gulping and gathering my emotions, I get to work. After flipping the safety on, I shove both guns into my jeans and grab a duffel bag before loading it down with silver bullets. I even managed to grab a rifle with a scope for more accuracy. Never used one of those before, fingers crossed I won't have to.

'Riley, it's about to go down. Keep everyone calm and distracted but be prepared.'

Walking with an unmeasurable amount of determination I make my way through the pack house. Orders are being thrown everywhere as wolves flee towards the front of the house. I make brief eye contact with my mate who watches me saunter up the stairs, his gaze follows me all the way up to the top floor. When my fingertips touch the cool brass of the door knob, I feel his eyes fall from me. The hyperawareness I feel whenever he is around or watching eases, I can't feel the heat from his stare and my heart slows to a normal pace. 'I fucking love you Maya.'

'Come back to me Josh. Come back to me and show me just how much.'

Amber growls at me, 'we won't let anyone touch him'

I have no doubt that if he were in danger that she'd take over entirely and handle the situation. She isn't super happy about staying out of this fight anyways. Opening the door to our bedroom, I rip off my leather jacket and slide on one of Josh's tee shirts. With the window open so I can shoot, I don't want to risk anyone scenting me. My hair is thrown into a ponytail and I load all of my guns and prepare a few extra mags I had packed. My mate takes the point, his brother and my grandfather flanking him, Alpha's in their rightful place. Allen and Lucas flanking them, followed by the Gammas and then Xander and Xavier along with their groups. Where the hell is Kris?

Oh yeah, the plan.


Slowly inching the window up, I watch as people emerge from the woodwork. Thunder claps and clouds hang heavily in the sky, threatening rainfall. My mother always said that when it rains the Moon Goddess is sad. Is she sad because she'll be welcoming home so many wolves to the moon tonight? It's not their time, as Luna to this pack I'll feel it. I'll feel the emotional connection I have to them detach. Damn it, I can't think this way.

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