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"Y-You don't remember me?" I already knew the answer to this question. I hate that I had to ask her, because saying those words had my heart breaking. When after 40 seconds Maya doesn't say anything, all she does is blink, I ask her again. My fingers brush some hair out of her face and tuck the unruly strands behind her ear. "Do you remember who I am?"

Her cerulean orbs gaze into mine, but there's no recognition and yet again no answer. In an effort to conceal my feelings so I won't overwhelm her, I gently push the back of her head so she'll press against my chest. I inhale deeply and exhale heavily, hurriedly blinking away the tears and swallowing the lump in my throat. Jax is whining in my mind and his nails scratch against the cage I have placed him in. I pull her back out and smile, well I try to smile. It's probably more of a grimace than anything. Maya blinks again and darts her focus to random things around the room before her eyes linger on the needle in her hand. Her delicate and bony fingers move to take it off, slowly I place my hand on top of hers to stop. "It's to get fluids into your system baby girl. Let's leave it in, okay?"

My mate's hand falls but she doesn't acknowledge in any other form that I had even spoken let alone asked a question. "Are you hungry?"

'Maggie, bring Maya's food please.'

I didn't even wait for a response, and I was pretty sure I wouldn't get one. I don't like this. I hate this so much, my heart hurts. It literally feels like someone is clenching my heart in their hands and squeezing until I can't breathe anymore. "Are you in any pain baby girl?"

'Cory, Maya's awake.'

I can't believe I didn't call for him immediately. I'm going to get him to give her some medicine just in case. Seconds later the door opens, I can hear Kris growling lowly and a young voice telling him to calm down. Cory's eyes focus on Maya in a frantic manner, I hold her tighter – surprisingly she isn't pulling away. I'm sure she's afraid of repercussions if she does which I hate but I love holding her in my arms. After inhaling, his hands unclench and he slowly steps towards us. "Morning Maya." Even though it's 7:56 at night.

No response.

"How're you feeling?"

She won't even look at Cory. Her focus is completely fixated on me... more specifically my eyes. I remember staring into her eyes for minutes on end, there was so much emotion. Love, lust and more love swirled through them because it belonged there. Scratch that, belongs there. But now, I don't see anything and there's that painful clench of my heart again. "Can you give her some pain medicine, just as a pre-caution? I don't want her hurting."

He's already pressing a button before I can even finish my sentence when there's a knock on the door. Maggie comes in with a bowl of cinnamon oatmeal and a glass of ice water. "I gave her another dose. Try and get her to eat before she falls asleep again, you have maybe 10 minutes."

I nod in understanding and watch the retreating figures as everyone leaves the room. "Alright baby girl, I'm going to prop you up on some pillows so we can get you something to eat." Again, I force a smile on my lips and carefully roll her on her back after fluffing a few pillows behind her. "I was going to get you steak because that's your favorite, that or chocolate covered strawberries but we didn't want your tummy to hurt." I explain while rubbing her belly lightly.

Again no words but she's just staring at me with her brows just slightly furrowed. I hold her gaze and blindly reach out for the bowl and spoon. Swallowing another lump that's formed in my throat, I scoop up a bite before blowing on it to cool down. "So unfortunately, no steak but oatmeal. Sugar and Cinnamon oatmeal, your favorite type."

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