Chapter.22.Fighting Fire with Fire.<3

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A/N: I had someone ask me about school, yes they are still in school it is just now Sunday. The past few chapters have been entirely on the weekend.

Dark grey clouds cast over the sun threatening to release the water in its hold. The rain won't stop a pack meeting, the rain won't stop the challenge later on today. We're wolves after all, our claws sinking into the mud it's almost addicting. When I was in my wolf form for 6 months it took a lot of convincing from Amber before I finally took control. I had honed my instincts and gotten such a great grasp on them, Amber didn't have to be in the front all the time. But having the wind blowing through your fur, the burning sensation in your legs pushing you further and faster. Your vision is sharper, you hear everything and your instincts are on edge. It's hard not to get addicted.

She told me I was ready.

I wonder if Josh thought of doing the same thing so he could train for his father.

Though I don't know if I could go 6 months without him. His would be shorter being an Alpha male. Minutes till noon, wolves came out from the pack house and their homes. Cars pulled into the driveway for those who may have been running late and knew they'd be late if they resorted to walking. Sometimes wolves are just lazy. Holding Josh's hand in my own we stand at the front of our leadership formed triangle. Alpha Allen and Luna Amy taking our right-we're in charge but the pack is comfortable with the Alpha who's been in charge for years, he's there for reassurance. Slowly their appearances will dwindle down to nothing, but they will always be there to guide us with their wisdom. Lucas and Riley on our left, side by side they stand proudly. Zay and Vanessa behind Lucas and Riley, Vanessa catches my glance and averts her gaze. She's learning.

Farkle and Smackle behind the previous Alpha's. Smackle glances at me and gives me a polite bow. Farkle catches this and smiles at me. 'She wants to speak with you.'

His voice invades my head and it somewhat startles me since we haven't linked before now. 'She can speak to me whenever she prefers. Whenever she's comfortable.' I add for reassurance.

'It seems as if you two have had a similar upbringing.'

He cuts off the link and my eyes soften when gazing back at his mate. I knew she was timid, I could only wonder who would hurt her. She's a kind woman, hardly ever says anything-but if she had a similar upbringing as me that type of behavior could easily have been beaten into her, to not speak unless spoken to. Smackle and Farkle exchange a few glances, a light smile plays on her lips. Kissing her temple she nods her head, why didn't I want a mate again? "Are you ready baby girl?"

"If I said no would that change the situation?"

Chuckling all of leadership intertwines their fingers along with their mates. A sign of unity, we're telling the pack that we are standing together on this and no one should question our motives. "Twilight Pack." The only noises were those of a few hungry pups. A girl no older than 15 rests on someone's shoulders I can't help but smile. Especially when I see who's hoisting her high... Kris. The brightness in his eyes can't be missed, he's with his mate. Waiting 2 more years I have no doubt will be difficult on him but I have no idea how long he's already waited. Giving me a lopsided smile he bows his head respectfully. "I'm sure you all have a lot of questions regarding the events of last night. First of all, your Luna is safe and healthy. Her fainting last night was her body's way of coping with severing strong bonds and forming new ones."

Glancing at me, he's questioning if I still want to tell the story. Shaking my head, I'm letting him take the lead. I'll answer questions but I don't trust myself to remain emotionless. "Before we explain, you will listen. You won't interrupt and you may ask questions only after I'm done talking. Understood?" 'Yes Alpha' murmurs through the crowd, surprising everyone when he didn't use his Alpha tone. He trusts his pack. "I will be giving you the facts and not more than you need to know. As most of you know my mate was a rogue, leaving her pack at the age of 11 she's been alone." Wide eyes, I'm sure they're shocked I'm still alive. "Her father is Alpha Kermit of the Crescent Moon Pack." Several women gasp, a few males growl. Apparently my father has a reputation that even I didn't know about. "Yes she is the daughter of an Alpha. I'm sure from her back you can gather why she left. But there's more." A tight grip on my hands I make my mental wall stronger-I won't let him see any more of my memories. It only tears him apart, and I hate it when he is in pain. Especially when caused by me. "Before she left Maya was informed that she would be marrying Alpha Thomas, an arranged marriage."

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